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God, Where Were You?

This short video answers this most poignant of all questions. This world is so troubled and every generation of mankind has faced horrible evil before going into the grave. There must be some hope, some reason for all this pain. If an all-loving God exists, when will He do something? Where is He with all of this mess? Why isn't He fixing everything NOW? Watch and be strengthened in your faith!

How to Study the Bible and Have it Make Sense

Do you want to study the Bible but have a difficult time making sense of it? Watch this short video to Learn different techniques you can use right away to go deeper into your studies.

What Does It Mean to be Faithful Unto Death?

Christians are familiar with the scriptures that tell us to be "faithful unto death." But what does this really mean? Find out here!

Is This It? (Part II of “Where is God?”)

Is this life all there is? Is there life after death? Watch and find out about God's plan for all mankind!

What’s the Truth About Hell?

Does the Bible really teach that Hell is a place of torment? Will the majority of the human race really burn for all eternity? Find out what the Bible actually says about hell. You might be pleasantly surprised..

Where is God?

Where is God when our loved ones die? When there are school shootings and natural disasters? In under three minutes, start learning about why God allows bad things to happen now and about His plan to eventually do away with all sin, sickness and pain.

Resurrection on Earth

"Resurrection on Earth” is the second part of the two-part series, preceded by “Resurrection in Heaven.” In God’s kingdom, all mankind will be resurrected. Those who were followers of Christ will have a special heavenly reward, but what about everyone else? Watch to find out about the resurrection of all mankind to a perfect earth!

Resurrection in Heaven

“Resurrection in Heaven” is the first part of a 2-part series, followed by “Resurrection on Earth.” In God’s kingdom, all mankind will be resurrected. But there is a special reward for those who are followers of Christ in this lifetime, and their reward is a heavenly resurrection. Watch to find out what that really means.

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

Jesus of Nazareth was one of the most influential people to have ever lived, inspiring those around the world during his ministry and well after his death. Who exactly was Jesus? Was he just a man, was he a prophet or a god? Learn the truth about who Jesus really was and is.

Who Will Receive a Heavenly Reward?

The Bible teaches us that there is a special group of individuals who will go to heaven. Who are in this special group? Find out who the group is and how we can be a part of it!