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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Are God and Evil Meant to Coexist?

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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – Are God and Evil Meant to Coexist?

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Are God and Evil a pair that must coexist? Did God create evil, and if so, can't He just get rid of it? Watch this vlog and then listen to the podcast of the same name to explore more on the purpose of evil and more.

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  1. god and evil coexist from the begining. like the universe it has positive and negative ion.and have the same energy, for stability. God represent the good, love. No anger no hatred. And God have no evil heart to punish mankind or satan or even create hell. Evil is the opposite. God expect human not to sin. And can follow to heaven. If there is.. The sinner belongs to evil and goes to hell. If there is.

    1. Hi, Indra – thank you for writing. A few comments – we know God expected mankind to sin, as He planned the ransom of Jesus “before the foundation of the world.” Revelation 13:8. This verse and others allude to a time before history was written, telling us God knew the pathway of His human creation. For more on this, check out the last segment of Episode 1122: Should the Coronavirus Change My Christianity? We also encourage you to listen to our 3-part series, Episode 1021: Is the Hell of Christian Tradition Taught in the Bible? (Part I), Ep. 1024 (Part II) and Ep. 1027 (Part III) Here we take nearly every Scripture that could even hint to a burning hell of everlasting torture and analyze them in great detail. The conclusion is this doctrine of the Dark Ages is very misunderstood and needs to be carefully studied, as the biblically definition is the cessation of being.

      The problem with the statement “the sinner belongs to evil and goes to hell” is that, of course, we are all sinners, no matter how hard we try not to be. However, it is true that all sinners do go into the grave, as death is inevitable. We hope you are able to listen to the recommended podcasts and then let us know what you think! Lord bless your studies. – Christian Questions


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