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Please use these Study Questions for your personal or small group Bible study. For Scriptures and expanded answers, use these with the audio podcast and corresponding CQ Rewind Show Notes. More episodes being added each week!

Podcast EpisodeDateBible Study Questions
generational curseEp. 1196: Am I Living Under a Generational Curse? Curses Series (Part II)09/20/2021View Questions
are curses real part IEp. 1195: Are Curses Real? Curses Series (Part I)09/13/2021View Questions
return of JesusEp. 1194: Could Jesus Return Without You Knowing?09/06/2021View Questions
am I failing as a ChristianEp. 1193: Am I Failing as a Christian?08/30/2021View Questions
reach out and connectEp. 1192: How Can I Effectively Reach Out and Connect With Others?08/23/2021View Questions
gospel message, convert the worldEp. 1191: Are Christians Supposed to Convert the World?08/16/2021View Questions
forgivenessEp. 1190: Did I Really Forgive Them?08/09/2021View Questions
defend against Satan, defeat SatanEp. 1189: What Is My Battle Plan to Defend Against Satan’s Attacks?08/02/2021View Questions
holy spirit backwardsEp. 1188: Do We Have the Purpose of the Holy Spirit Backwards?07/26/2021View Questions
guiltEp. 1187: How Can We Overcome Crushing Guilt?07/19/2021View Questions
end timesEp. 1186: Are We Living in the “End Times”?07/12/2021View Questions
return of Jesus, second comingEp. 1185: What Are the True Reasons for Jesus’ Return to Earth?07/05/2021View Questions
cancel cultureEp. 1184: Is Christianity Being Cancelled?06/28/2021View Questions
Syrophoenician womanEp. 1183: Who Successfully Challenged Jesus?06/21/2021View Questions
seductionEp. 1182: Can I Get What I Want Through Seduction?06/14/2021View Questions
judge your brotherEp. 1181: Is It Ever Right to Judge Your Brother?06/07/2021View Questions
worst enemyEp. 1180: Am I My Own Worst Enemy?05/31/2021View Questions
humility, successEp. 1179: Can Humility Keep Me From Success?05/24/2021View Questions
exaggerate, exaggerationEp. 1178: Is There a Difference Between Exaggerating and Lying?05/17/2021View Questions
stealingEp. 1177: Is It Still Stealing if I Deserve It?05/10/2021View Questions
sufferingEp. 1176: Does God REALLY Want Me to Suffer?05/03/2021View Questions
afterlife, heaven, hellEp. 1175: Did God Make Heaven and Hell Humanity’s Destiny (Part II)04/26/2021View Questions
heaven or hellEp. 1174: Did God Make Heaven and Hell Humanity’s Destiny? (Part I)04/19/2021View Questions
How do I cope with lonelinessEp. 1173: How Do I Cope With Overwhelming Loneliness?04/12/2021View Questions
Jesus' resurrection change heaven & earthe heavenEp. 1172: How Did Jesus’ Resurrection Change Both Heaven and Earth?04/05/2021View Questions
death of JesusEp. 1171: How Did Jesus Prepare His Disciples for His Death?03/29/2021View Questions
following JesusEp. 1170: Does Being a Christian Have to Be Difficult?03/22/2021View Questions
adulteryEp. 1169: Is Adultery Really That Wrong?03/15/2021View Questions
murderEp. 1168: Could God Convict ME of Murder?03/08/2021View Questions
making Christian decisionsEp. 1167: Can Good Things Ever Be Bad?03/01/2021View Questions
Apostle Paul and slave ownerEp. 1166: How Did the Apostle Paul Handle a Slave Owner?02/22/2021View Questions
How vital are my marriage vowsEp. 1165: How Vital Are My Vows of Marriage?02/15/2021View Questions
comparing Moses and JesusEp. 1164: What Does Moses the Deliverer Teach Us About Jesus?02/08/2021View Questions
Bible mistranslationsEp. 1163: Has the Bible Been Mistranslated and Misunderstood? (Part V)02/01/2021View Questions
Mistranslated & Misunderstood pt4Ep. 1162: Has the Bible Been Mistranslated and Misunderstood (Part IV)01/25/2021View Questions
honoring your mother and fatherEp. 1161: What Does Honoring Your Mother and Father Look Like?01/18/2021View Questions
How to persevere when life get tough pt 2Ep. 1160: How Can I Persevere When Life Gets Tough? (Part II)01/11/2021View Questions
perseverance part 1Ep. 1159: How Can I Persevere When Life Gets Tough? (Part I)01/04/2021View Questions
has my Christianity been compromisedEp. 1158: Has My Christianity Been Compromised?12/28/2020View Questions
How to Keep Jesus the center of ChristmasEp. 1157: How Do We Keep Jesus at the Center of Christmas?12/21/2020View Questions
faith or works part IIEp. 1156: Is It Faith or Works That Gets Us to Heaven? (Part II)12/14/2020View Questions
faith or works part 1Ep. 1155: Is It Faith or Works That Gets Us to Heaven? (Part I)12/07/2020View Questions
how can we be thankful this yearEp. 1154: How Can We Be Thankful After the Year We’ve Had?11/30/2020View Questions
Bible mistranslationsEp. 1153: Has the Bible Been Mistranslated and Misunderstood? (Part III)11/23/2020View Questions
bible been misunderstood mistranslated pt2Ep. 1152: Has the Bible Been Mistranslated and Misunderstood? (Part II)11/16/2020View Questions
authenticity of the BibleEp. 1151: Has the Bible Been Mistranslated and Misunderstood? (Part I)11/09/2020View Questions
are we supporting the right leadersEp. 1150: Are We Supporting the Right World Leaders?11/02/2020View Questions
ghosts reincarnation humanity Pt2Ep. 1149: Ghosts, Reincarnation and Humanity – What’s Real? (Part II)10/26/2020View Questions
ghosts, reincarnation humanity pt 1Ep. 1148: Ghosts, Reincarnation and Humanity – What’s Real? (Part I)10/19/2020View Questions
other gods and idolsEp. 1147: Do I Have Other Gods and Idols in My Life?10/12/2020View Questions
conflict resolution part IIEp. 1146: Can Biblical Strategies Resolve Serious Conflicts? (Part II)10/05/2020View Questions
COVID-19 Christianity being testedEp. 1145: Is Your COVID-19 Christianity Still Being Tested?09/28/2020View Questions
conflict resolutionEp. 1144: Can Biblical Strategies Resolve Serious Conflicts? (Part I)09/21/2020View Questions
What does Jesus expect from usEp. 1143: What Does Jesus Expect From Us?09/14/2020View Questions
Why did God allow slaveryEp. 1142: Why Did God Allow Slavery in the Bible?09/07/2020View Questions
gospel message of Jesus ChristEp. 1141: Does Christianity Preach the Gospel?08/31/2020View Questions
does Christianity preach the gospelEp. 1140: Does My Church Leadership Have It Right?08/24/2020View Questions
Thou shalt not covetEp. 1139: Thou Shalt Not Covet – Is It Wrong to Want?08/17/2020View Questions
Do I treat you as my neighborEp. 1138: Do I Treat You as My Neighbor?08/10/2020View Questions
faith reason or reason faithEp. 1137: Is Faith Built On Reason or Is Reason Built On Faith?08/03/2020View Questions
God's name in vainEp. 1136: What Does It Mean to Take God’s Name In Vain?07/27/2020View Questions
praise and worship faithful christianEp. 1135: Are Praise and Worship Necessary To Be a Faithful Christian?07/20/2020View Questions
what Jesus teaches us about moneyEp. 1134: What Did Jesus Teach Us About Money?07/13/2020View Questions
How should Christians respond to racism 2Ep. 1133: How Should Christians Respond to Racism? (Part II)07/06/2020View Questions
how should Christians respond to racismEp. 1132: How Should Christians Respond to Racism? (Part I)06/29/2020View Questions
warrior of truthEp. 1131: What Does it Mean to be a Warrior for Truth? David and Abigail – Warriors of God Series06/22/2020View Questions
fight for God's purposes like DavidEp. 1130: How Can I Fight for God’s Purposes Like King David? Warriors of God Series06/15/2020View Questions
Giant slayer like DavidEp. 1129: How Can I Be a Giant Slayer Like David? Warriors of God Series06/08/2020View Questions
obedience sacrificeEp. 1128: Is Obedience More Important Than Sacrifice?06/01/2020View Questions
sabbathEp. 1127: What Does the Sabbath Look Like for Christians?05/25/2020View Questions
anxiety and depression kidsEp. 1126: How Do We Cope With Anxiety and Depression in Our Kids? (Part III)05/18/2020View Questions
anxietyEp. 1125: Does My Anxiety or Depression Invalidate My Christianity? (Part II)05/11/2020View Questions
anxiety and depressionEp. 1124: Does My Anxiety or Depression Invalidate My Christianity? (Part I)05/04/2020View Questions
sinful, sins produce blessingsEp. 1123: Can Our Sins Ever Produce Blessings?04/27/2020View Questions
coronavirus change my christianityEp. 1122: Should the Coronavirus Change My Christianity?04/20/2020View Questions
Jesus is RaisedEp. 1121: Jesus is Raised! How Does That Change Me?04/13/2020View Questions
what things troubled JesusEp. 1120: What Things Troubled Jesus?04/06/2020View Questions
Coronavirus fit into God's PlanEp. 1119: Does the Coronavirus Fit Into God’s Plan?03/30/2020View Questions
how merciful am IEp. 1118: How Merciful Am I?03/23/2020View Questions
burnout 2Ep. 1117: How Do I Avoid Burnout? (Part II)03/16/2020View Questions
burnout part IEp. 1116: How Do I Avoid Burnout? (Part I)03/09/2020View Questions
I don't think I love my spouseEp. 1115: I Don’t Think I Love My Spouse Anymore. What Now?03/02/2020View Questions
Apostle Paul vs. JesusEp. 1114: Did the Apostle Paul Contradict Jesus? Contradiction Series02/24/2020View Questions
Paul or Matthias real apostleEp. 1113: Paul or Matthias: Who Was the Real 12th Apostle? Contradiction Series02/17/2020View Questions
Apostle Paul contradictions 2Ep. 1112: Does the Apostle Paul Contradict Himself? (Part II): Contradiction Series02/10/2020View Questions
Apostle Paul contradictions 1Ep. 1111: Does the Apostle Paul Contradict Himself? (Part I): Contradictions Series02/03/2020View Questions
born againEp. 1110: Are Christians Really Born Again?01/27/2020View Questions
three steps-heaven part IIEp. 1109: What Three Steps Will Get Us to Heaven? (Part II)01/20/2020View Questions
steps to heaven part 1Ep. 1108: What Three Steps Will Get Us to Heaven? (Part I)01/13/2020View Questions
does time matter in God's planEp. 1107: Why Does Time Matter in God’s Plan?01/06/2020View Questions
habits kept or brokenEp. 1106: Should My Habits Be Kept or Broken?12/30/2019View Questions
spirit of ChristmasEp. 1105: What is the True Spirit of Christmas?12/23/2019View Questions
making decisionsEp. 1104: How Do I Know My Decisions Are Right?12/16/2019View Questions
desensitized to sinEp. 1103: Have We Become Too Desensitized to Sin?12/09/2019View Questions
how can criticism help us growEp. 1102: How Can Criticism Help Us Grow?12/02/2019View Questions
thankful when life is hardEp. 1101: How Can We Be Thankful When Life is So Hard?11/25/2019View Questions
people turn into angelsEp. 1100: Do People Turn Into Angels When They Die?11/18/2019View Questions
Jewish TabernacleEp. 1099: Should Christians Care About the Jewish Tabernacle?11/11/2019View Questions
Who was GideonEp. 1098: Who Was Gideon?11/04/2019View Questions
satanismEp. 1097: What is Satanism?10/28/2019View Questions
My life is full of sufferingEp. 1096: My Life is Full of Suffering – Am I Cursed?10/21/2019View Questions
Jesus died for youEp. 1095: Jesus Died For You! Are You Dying For Him?10/14/2019View Questions
How do you handle being uprootedEp. 1094: How Do You Handle Being Uprooted in Your Life?10/07/2019View Questions
does prayer change God's mind?Ep. 1093: Do Our Prayers Change God’s Mind?09/30/2019View Questions
toxic peopleEp. 1092: How Do You Deal With Toxic People in Your Life?09/23/2019View Questions
contradictions about JesusEp. 1091: Contradictions (Part VI): Do the Accounts of Jesus’ Life Contradict Themselves?09/16/2019View Questions
contradictions in creationEp. 1090: Contradictions (Part V): What Profound Secret Does Creation Reveal?09/09/2019View Questions
resurrection contradictionsEp. 1089: Contradictions (Part IV): Why So Many Contradictions Surrounding Jesus’ Resurrection?09/02/2019View Questions
contradictions about GodEp. 1088: Contradictions (Part III): Does God Contradict Himself?08/26/2019View Questions
gossipEp. 1087: If I Slander and Gossip, What Does That Say About Me?08/19/2019View Questions
ransom and salvation - being savedEp. 1086: Are Jesus’ Ransom and Our Salvation the Same?08/12/2019View Questions
Am I a Jealous ChristianEp. 1085: Am I a Jealous Christian?08/05/2019View Questions
Old Testament LawEp. 1084: Does the Old Testament Law Apply to Me?07/29/2019View Questions
End times resurrectionEp. 1083: What is the End Times Resurrection About? How Does It Work?07/22/2019View Questions
repentanceEp. 1082: How Do I Live a Life of Repentance?07/10/2019View Questions
prodigal son - return to GodEp. 1081: Does God Really Love Humanity? (Part II)07/08/2019View Questions
preach the gospel - preaching worldwideEp. 1080: Preach the Gospel! What Does That Mean?07/01/2019View Questions
masks representing humanityEp. 1079: Does God Really Love Humanity? (Part I)06/24/2019View Questions
fathers - fatherhoodEp. 1078: Is Fatherhood Still Vital?06/17/2019View Questions
Christian unityEp. 1077: We Are Christians, But Are We Unified?06/10/2019View Questions
Bible contradict - contradictionEp. 1076: Contradictions: (Part II) Does the Bible Contradict Itself?06/03/2019View Questions
arroganceEp. 1075: Am I an Arrogant Christian?05/27/2019View Questions
judge - judgmentEp. 1074: Does God Judge Everyone the Same Way?05/20/2019View Questions
present for motherEp. 1073: Is Motherhood Still Vital?05/13/2019View Questions
contradictionEp. 1072: Contradictions (Part I): Does the Bible Contradict Itself?05/06/2019View Questions
should we criticize - criticismEp. 1071: Should Christians Criticize Anyone?04/29/2019View Questions
final prayersEp. 1070: What Can We Learn From Jesus’ Final Prayers?04/22/2019View Questions
last supperEp. 1069: What Happened at the Last Supper?04/15/2019View Questions
sound mindEp. 1068: Do I Have a Sound Christian Mind?04/08/2019View Questions
hope - brighter viewEp. 1067: Do Christians Need Hope in Their Lives?04/01/2019View Questions
God's willEp. 1066: Do I Seek God’s Protection or His Permission?03/25/2019View Questions
priority - prioritiesEp. 1065: What Was Jesus’ Top Priority?03/18/2019View Questions
indecision - story of LotEp. 1064: Is He Who Hesitates Really Lost? The Story of Lot03/11/2019View Questions
Queen EstherEp. 1063: Is This the Moment You Were Created For? (Part II)03/04/2019View Questions
intelligent designEp. 1062: Does Science Prove Intelligent Design?02/25/2019View Questions
baptism multiple typesEp. 1061: How Many Baptisms Are There?02/18/2019View Questions
strong marriageEp. 1060: What Does a Marriage Need to Be Strong?02/11/2019View Questions
holy different separateEp. 1059: You’re a Christian, But Are You Holy?02/04/2019View Questions
communicationEp. 1058: Do You Communicate or Just Talk?01/29/2019View Questions
EstherEp. 1057: Is This the Moment You Were Created For?01/21/2019View Questions
hypocrite - two facedEp. 1056: What Makes a Christian a Hypocrite?01/14/2019View Questions
Are the wicked winning - wickednessEp. 1055: Are the Wicked Winning?01/07/2019View Questions
too comfortable - comfort zoneEp. 1054: Can You Ever Get Too Comfortable?12/30/2018View Questions
Christmas joyEp. 1053: How Do You Show Your Joy to the World?12/23/2018View Questions
is evil God's faultEp. 1052: Is it God’s Fault We Have Evil in This World?12/17/2018View Questions
learning about Old Testament charactersEp. 1051: What Do the Faithful Old Testament Characters Teach Us?12/10/2018View Questions
salvation - life preserverEp. 1050: What Does it Mean to Be Saved?12/03/2018View Questions
Mary and Martha with JesusEp. 1049: Are You a Mary or a Martha?11/26/2018View Questions
thankfulEp. 1048: How Can We Be Truly Thankful?11/19/2018View Questions
PentecostEp. 1047: Why Did the Tongues of Fire Touch the Apostles?11/12/2018View Questions
procrastinationEp. 1046: What Can I Do Now About Procrastination Later?11/05/2018View Questions
zombiesEp. 1045: Can Zombies Possibly Be Real?10/29/2018View Questions
demonsEp. 1044: How Do Demons Influence Our World?10/22/2018View Questions
angelsEp. 1043: How Do Angels Help Us in Daily Life?10/15/2018View Questions
faith erasing doubtEp. 1042: How Does Faith Actually Work?10/08/2018View Questions
bloom - acceptanceEp. 1041: How Do You Bloom Where You Are Planted?10/01/2018View Questions
tithes and offeringsEp. 1040: Do Tithes and Offerings Belong in Christianity?09/24/2018View Questions
spiritual leadership in churchEp. 1039: Have You Lost Faith in Your Spiritual Leaders?09/17/2018View Questions
friendshipEp. 1038: What Does True Friendship Look Like?09/10/2018View Questions
Bible faith healingEp. 1037: Is Christianity a Healing Religion?09/03/2018View Questions
betrayal - broken trustEp. 1036: How Do I Strike Back at Betrayal?08/27/2018View Questions
boy and stuffed animal - loyaltyEp. 1035: What is the True Meaning of Loyalty?08/20/2018View Questions
glorifying God - clouds with sun raysEp. 1029: What Does it Mean to Glorify God?07/09/2018View Questions
freedom of choiceEp. 1028: Do We Really Have Freedom of Choice?07/02/2018View Questions
Ep. 1027: Is the Hell of Christian Tradition Taught in the Bible? (Part III)06/25/2018View Questions
sins take a toll on usEp. 1026: Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?06/18/2018View Questions
peacemakerEp. 1025: Should We Be Peacemakers?06/11/2018View Questions
Scary demonic figure representing a New Testament hellEp. 1024: Is the Hell of Christian Tradition Taught in the Bible? (Part II)05/29/2018View Questions
empty grave, cross, is hell realEp. 1021: Is the Hell of Christian Tradition Taught in the Bible? (Part I)05/14/2018View Questions
mercy or justice - Bible, heart, gavelEp. 1019: Is Mercy Compatible with Justice?04/30/2018View Questions
birth of JesusEp. 1001: What Would Jesus Have Said to YOU?12/26/2017View Questions
man in church prayer and meditationEp. 1000: Will Prayer Change Your Life?12/18/2017View Questions
complaining by ringing bell to get attentionEp. 999: Does Complaining Ever Help?12/11/2017View Questions
Gratitude changes everythingEp. 996: How Do I Make Gratitude My Constant Companion?11/20/2017View Questions
desert - John the BaptistEp. 995: What Made John the Baptist So Special?11/13/2017View Questions
Ep. 954: Elijah (Part I) The Power of Courage01/23/2017View Questions
Ep. 950: Are You Dreaming of the Right Christmas?12/26/2016View Questions
day of judgmentEp. 934: Will Sinners Be Happy on Judgment Day?09/05/2016View Questions
Bible and jumper cables for a new ChristianEp. 902 : So, Where Do I Start?01/24/2016View Questions
passoverEp. 859: Israel’s Passover – What Does It Mean To Us?03/29/2015View Questions
Noah ark animalsEp. 834: What Can We Learn From Noah? (Part I)10/05/2014View Questions