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August 08, 2022

Ep.1241: Is It a Sin if I . . . ? (Part II)

Discussing sex and sin-related questions using biblical principles

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Is pre-marital sex a sin? And what about the men who had multiple wives in the Old Testament?

Is it a sin to have a baby without being married?

Is it a sin to live with someone of the opposite sex?

Theme Scripture: Colossians 3:17

As long as no one gets hurt, I can do pretty much whatever I want! Such is the battle cry of our present age. We are so advanced in our awareness and thinking that it has become easy to throw off the once-constricting values of ages gone by and just be in the here and now. In our last “Is It a Sin if I…” episode, we looked at things like how we dress and adorn ourselves, cross-dressing and gambling. On this episode, we look at some deep issues regarding the expression of our human sexuality. When it comes to sex, there are many difficult questions that require diligent answers. Our diligence will be firmly centered around applying biblical teaching to our very advanced world today, so hold on! The clear scriptural answers we will uncover are destined to trigger major tensions with those around us!

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It's never been like this

The “rules” relating to sex and sexual expression have perhaps become some of the most fluid in all of our present age. What we do and who we do it with are no longer the only considerations. Our most recent generations have integrated technology into its expression and encourage adolescents to freely engage in things once reserved for adults. The 1960’s and 70’s may be remembered as a sexual revolution, but our present time can certainly be seen as a sexual evolution. We are literally changing the role human sexuality plays in our culture into something not previously considered or recognizable.

For Christians, this presents a variety of challenges. As you grow up and are surrounded by an open and accepting sexual culture, you find yourself confronted with several basic conflicts. Christian principles for living are typically entirely different than worldly practices for living.

Christians of our day are often confronted with many questions relating to sexuality

  • Is it a sin if I have sex before marriage? How can love be sinful? What if it doesn’t feel like a sin?
  • it a sin to get pregnant outside of marriage? Does that ruin my Christianity? Does it somehow condemn my baby?
  • What about sexting?
  • What about living together?

These are all relevant and difficult questions.

While straightforward answers can be given to each and every one of these dilemmas, we need to go deeper than that. We need to know the “why” of the answers and to understand the biblical construction of morality. We need to be able to match each and every hard question with a sound principle drawn directly from Scripture. Some will think this is out-of-date thinking, but consider this. Are we willing to call our God - who knows the beginning from the end and designed and created all things - old-fashioned?

Check out our August 8, 2022 podcast, “Is It a Sin If I…? (Part II)” for more. We ask these very difficult and blunt questions. Then we answer them with sound scriptural principles. We examine the why and how of standing above the world’s influences. Join us for this challenging and enlightening journey!


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