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A question concerning verbal abuse
Do I have to help the needy if they are poor stewards?
Is drinking water allowed during a Christian fast?
Should I swear to tell the truth?
A Wiccan ritual to bless a house?
Should a Christian be obedient to tithing?
Communication with our children?
Is name calling ever appropriate?
Communication with a married man?
Should we move in together?
Scriptures about dating or betraying friends?
Bible reference about eating children?
Deal with someone who hurt our feelings?
Married and unmarried people and fornication?
Christians and guns?
Should women work outside the home?
Christians lending money for profit?
About respecting your boss?
What if a Christian leader is arrested?
What if I don’t feel like going to church?
Do not resist an evil person?
What about medical marijuana?
How does God view marijuana?
How do you surrender fully to God?
Should Christians practice the law of Moses?
Carnal man letting Jesus into their heart?
Healer asks for advice
I want God but how can I overcome a sex addiction?
Would Jesus approve of police departments?
How do we identify a “wolf in sheep’s clothing”?
What does it mean to love one another?
Can a person “living in sin” be forgiven?
Should I investigate things about other people?
Should we set boundaries with people?
Why was the Sabbath changed to Sunday?
Purity before marriage?  And do I have to get married?
Should Christians support beauty pageants?
Does disobedience make us stupid or give us wisdom? 
Should we observe holidays or holy days?
What constitutes an idol?
What about dancing as part of a worship service?
Should I marry an unbeliever?
Why was I born into a good life?  I feel guilty!
What does “cross bearing” mean? 
How does God help us with our Christian growth?
How do we determine what God wants us to do?
Can I drink alcohol while studying and preaching the word of God?
How do we “work to enter into rest” per Hebrews 4:11?
What does being a Christian entail?
How do I explain myself to nonbelievers?
What does the Bible say about drinking liquor?
How can we come closer to God?
What about freemasonry?
Why do I absorb sorrow when I help my friends?
I dreamed about Jesus.  What does this mean?
Is masturbating a sin?
Is my marriage recognized if my husband’s divorce was not scriptural?
Is it okay to kill if in self-defense? What about the military?
Should I stop praying to be married?
Can believers use artificial nails and hairpieces?