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Ways to Support CQ

We consider it one of the greatest privileges of our lives to speak to you from the heart each week about the most important subject of our lives – the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus…

Making this weekly program happen entails a lot of effort from a lot of people. The entire Christian Questions team – our IT staff, our Rewind staff, our Facebook and Twitter people – even Rick and Jonathan ALL work on a 100% volunteer basis. Simply put, this means we do what we do because we love to do it and really believe in it!

Having said that, did you know that there are MANY ways that you as a listener can help us with our mission? Consider the following:

questionsQuestions:  Were there things that we talked about that left you with unanswered questions?  Letting us know will help us get better and also help us find a way to address what we may have missed!
observationsObservations:  What do YOU see happening around you that would be good Christian Questions material?  Current Events, moral, ethical, doctrinal matters – it’s all on the table (except Politics) – what do YOU want to talk about?
prayerPrayer:  Prayer is many ways a silent partner.  We ask for your prayers to be focused on our remaining humble, remaining scriptural, remaining focused and energetic, all to the glory of God!  Prayer changes things and it also feeds the accomplishment of God’s will!
commentsComments:It is deeply appreciated when you let us know what you think about a particular program.  Did we make or miss the point – did we move you or did you feel like moving away – were you inspired or did listening cause you to perspire?  We feed on your feedback!
donationsDonations: It may seem odd – we told you that we are all volunteers, so why the financial need?  Every penny that is donated goes directly towards the cost of broadcasting, which includes maintaining and constantly updating our website and mobile app and advertising Christian Questions so more people can be reached in the United States and around the world.  We NEVER talk about donations on air because Matthew 10:8 states, …freely ye have received, freely give…  and we want our message to just be a message of the Gospel. So, if you feel inclined to participate in this way, we thank you!

socialSocial Media: Yes, your actions on social media do help increase reach and visibility of our service. So, consider sharing, liking, following, retweeting, commenting, asking further questions, respectfully disagreeing and so on, via our Facebook and Twitter channels we greatly appreciate that.

emailGeneral Suggestions:Consider this to be your CQ Suggestion Box!  Ideas and thoughts about, format, guests, content, approach – if you are thinking it, we would like to hear it!

Donate via US Mail by sending a check to:
Christian Questions, P.O. Box 1837, New London, CT  06320

Use this Donate Button to enter any amount of your choice

Christian Questions is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. Your donation may be tax deductible (consult the IRS or your tax advisor for details).