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June 17, 2024

Ep.1338: Do My Habits Glorify God? (Part I) Personal Habits

Revealing the different ways habits are made and how to change them

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What is a habit loop and how can it help us form God-pleasing habits?

Why are habits so hard to change?

What are some practical ways to forming better habits?

Theme Scripture: Romans 8:5

Human beings are undeniably creatures of habit. Let me dramatically oversimplify the whole habit thing for a moment to make a point. Habits are formed as tools to bring us comfort, reward and what we believe we want in life. Little kids test this all the time. A child with a very focused mind wants to do things their own way. Instead of listening, they argue and even rebel because doing it their way is what they find the greatest reward in. Another perhaps less stubborn child will fight and argue for their own way and then back off because their parent’s approval or recognition gives them a greater reward. This oversimplified comparison helps us see that our human habits are ultimately self-driven. How do we as Christians deal with all of this? What habits should be changed or left alone?

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Habits can be really good things.

They can protect us from danger and enhance our lives by being able to do many things without having to consciously focus. However, when we look at the other side of the issue, we can see how our ability to “mindlessly” do things can be a serious detriment. The great news here is our minds are capable of changing such “mindless” activity into positive and productive habits. This capacity for change is not necessarily an easy fix, but it can be a powerful one. We can do this because our brains have something called "neuroplasticity."

Neuroplasticity means your brain has the ability to change throughout your life.

The fascinating thing is that our brains are always changing. We continually and subconsciously develop new habits in relation to our daily experiences. As Christians, our big challenge is this: Develop new God-glorifying habits we consciously choose to replace old habits that are ultimately detrimental. There is so much to this, as the prospects can be both exciting and scary all at once. So, where do we start?

Check out our June 17, 2024 podcast, “Do My Habits Glorify God? (Part I)” for more. We break down this complex and important subject into its basic pieces. First, there is the understanding of the how and why of our brain functions. Then there is the understanding of what steps actually take place when a habit is being formed. Once we understand these steps, coupled with how our brains reward us for behavior, the whole habit thing becomes clearer.

Now comes the life-changing part. We delve into clearly identifying our God-dishonoring habits. We then lay out the necessary steps for making the kinds of changes that will replace them with better, God-honoring habits. While this may not be easy, it is hands down a thrilling and practical lesson to learn. Join us for this episode as we focus on our internal, private habits. This will set the stage for Part II when we examine our public habits which govern how we act around others.


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