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May 29, 2023

Ep.1283: Is Following Christ the Same as Following Christianity? (Part I)

Comparing several original teachings of Christ to today’s Christianity

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Does Christianity cost us or bring us abundance?

Are we required to worship in a church building?

Does our church environment encourage us to grow towards the morality teachings of Jesus?

Theme Scripture: 1 Corinthians 4:16-17

When someone says they are a Christian, their claim can be easily interpreted in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, following the name of Christ has been a dramatically devalued description of religion over many centuries. Think back to the Dark Ages when the church mercilessly hunted, tortured and killed non-believers for the sake of “saving souls” in the name of Christ. Think about the smorgasbord of choices one now has available. We can choose a brand of Christianity that suits our lifestyle and fulfills our preferences. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ was not always this way. In the time of Jesus and the apostles, it meant something higher and had an eternal purpose. The question we all need to ask ourselves is simple. Is my chosen brand of Christianity in complete accord with Jesus’ original teachings?

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It's not easy

Whether we want to admit it or not, following Jesus is a really hard task. Think about it, Jesus said that to be his disciple we have to take up our crosses daily and follow him. At its most basic and easy to understand level, this means we are called to live a sacrificial life. In our day, there is a pervasive belief that we should be able to have what we want, when we want, and how we want it. Sacrificing any comfort or convenience is looked upon as an unacceptable compromise. Following Jesus is not easy in our world when it comes to social acceptance.

Another level of challenge

Following the teachings of Jesus is another level of challenge that many Christians may not even be aware of. By definition, the wide variety of Christian denominations available makes finding the original values and standards that Jesus taught elusive. One can easily go church shopping to find a church system that suits them, that makes them feel welcome and comfortable. While there is nothing wrong with seeking a place to worship comfortably, we should not forget the more important question: is what this or that church is teaching accurately and diligently reflecting what Jesus himself taught?

Check out our May 29, 2023 podcast, “Is Following Christ the Same as Following Christianity? (Part I)” for more. We address several pointed teachings of Jesus related to the doctrine of true Christian faith. Accepting that Jesus gave us higher standards than those of the Jewish Law but did not ever contradict the Bible as a whole is a good place to start.

A critical look at what my church teaches

Christianity has developed too much variety regarding important doctrinal teachings. For instance, Jesus taught that death is the absence of life and that fit precisely with the Bible’s overall instruction. Yet, many church groups build their understanding upon other, nonbiblical traditions. The same issue occurs with Jesus’ teachings on the cost of following him. Churches often focus on what they think you get instead of what Jesus teaches us to give, missing the most important point. Join us for this focused, eye-opening and controversial comparison of Christ and Christianity. We look for the truth from Jesus so we can experience the freedom of Jesus!!!


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1 reply
  1. Liziamma Thomas
    Liziamma Thomas says:

    Christianity is another pagan religion. Constantine made it.
    They don’t understand Father YHWH is a physical person who talks sits walks travel etc. So Christianity is another pagan religion. Christ was a jew , going to synagogue on SAABATH. Christ never disobeyed SAABATH. He ate rice from plucking from the field, that is not going to be disobey of SAABATH. Public said he disobeyed, are you joining with foolish public?
    Christ was following YHWH assigned feasts,( Levictus 23,) not pagan feasts. If people want to live on earth they must convert to New heavens and new earth Rev 21:1-5. No salvation anywhere else.


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