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October 09, 2023

Ep.1302: How Can I Doubt My Doubts? (Part I)

Learning the difference between constructive and destructive doubts

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What do we do about doubt that comes from extreme need, like food, water or relief from pain?

Should Christians put out the fleece like Gideon did?

What led to the great John the Baptist doubting that Jesus was truly the Messiah?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 28:16-17

Everybody doubts. So, is this a good thing or a bad thing? The answer is a resounding yes! Doubt can be a godly tool of necessary and righteous caution just as easily as it can be an ungodly tool of imperfect human judgment and destruction. Appropriate doubt that is fact- and integrity-based is an early warning system that can keep us focused on and engaged in the most important things. This kind of doubt is a welcome addition to our lives and should be counted on. By the same token, highly charged doubt that is primarily fed by feelings and personal preferences needs to be examined and adjusted according to higher godly standards. How can we learn to doubt the doubts we should doubt without doubting the doubts that undoubtedly protect us?

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What (or whom) exactly are you doubting?

Learning to question the doubts in our lives that need to be challenged really begins with one important question: What am I doubting? Answering this may not be as easy as we may think. For instance, we may find that we are doubting ourselves. Such doubt could be a needed and welcome warning sign for staying away from certain questionable circumstances. On the other hand, self-doubt could be detrimental to approaching a specific challenge or experience we may need to face. What if I’m doubting God? While answering this question may seem easier to understand, it also needs a bit more clarity. Am I actually doubting God, or am I doubting what I think God should be doing based on my own perspective?

Is doubt destructive or constructive? Yes.

Once we better understand what we are questioning we then want to look at the “why” of the matter. To help with this, we look at biblical examples of doubt, and there are plenty to choose from. As we isolate these examples, we want to put them into two specific categories - destructive doubt and constructive doubt. One clear example of destructive doubt is Eve in the Garden of Eden. She was tempted by Satan, and that temptation caused her to reconsider the specific guidelines God had previously put in place. The obvious question is, why would anyone doubt God’s personally delivered and specifically precise guidelines?

Check out our October 9, 2023 podcast, “How Can I Doubt My Doubts? (Part I)" for answers. We examine the details of Eve’s doubt and compare them with other Old Testament examples of destructive doubts. This exercise begins to unfold a pattern for understanding our negative second guessing. It helps us begin identifying what the building blocks are for our different areas of doubtfulness that are not productive.

We then examine how constructive doubts work and compare those building blocks with those of destructive doubt. We talk about two dramatic examples of biblical characters who used their serious doubts as tools of growth in God’s service. Join us for Part I of this eye-opening journey through one of the most common challenges that humanity faces each and every day. It is "undoubtedly" worth your attention!


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