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October 02, 2023

Ep.1301: Can We Be Content With Chaos?

Finding godly meaning and direction in the massive chaos of our day

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How do we find clarity in the midst of our chaotic experiences?

How can we handle chaos we make ourselves?

What is the big picture of the destiny of chaos?

Theme Scripture: James 3:17

Chaos rules. Just look around at the world’s social, political and moral condition. We all want what we want, and we seem to now go to greater lengths than ever before to demand that we have it. Having what we want doesn’t stop there, as we now more often than not demand that what I want is accepted by all. This chaos is not merely limited to my social media presence. Oh no, it expands into my perceived right to relabel any and every aspect of life as I see fit. From politics to family dynamics, to workplace expectations to educational environments, we are running towards a social order founded upon disorder. What are we as Christians supposed to do with all of this? How could these unsettling and monumental developments possibly be a part of God’s plan?

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Is the chaos more powerful than God?

Because God is so powerful we might expect that He would have created a world where order and clarity rule. Looking around, our world is clearly not in line with such a seemingly simple guideline. Does this mean the chaos in our society today is beyond God’s ability to manage? The answer here is a simple no. No level of it on any level of creation is beyond God’s capacity to handle. More than that, God has and will often use the chaos of humanity as a tool to further His plan.

We believe the vast majority of the conflict we see around us would - from God’s perspective - fit into the general description of what we will call “permitted chaos.” While chaos can mean complete disorder, it can also mean a disorder that is beyond our capacity to understand or measure. What we see as ridiculously out of control, God can see as a state of affairs that are a means to an end.

Chaos, or perceived chaos, exists in every level of life. It is easy to see it in the big things, like international conflicts and political rivalries. On these levels, we observe the news through whatever version of reporting we have chosen, and then we respond. Our response is often filled with angst and frustration, as what we observed, no matter whose side we are on, is going the wrong way.

Enter our social media experience.

We tell people what we think and often do so in an unfiltered and harsh manner. We now are chaos contributors as we further provoke the ill will and combativeness we are already fed up with.

All of this seems to be a vicious cycle of never-ending unrest. So, what do we do? Check out our October 2, 2023 podcast, “Can We Be Content With Chaos?” for more. We examine the varied kinds of “permitted chaos” God allows to affect our lives and establish patterns of response. In this world, chaos is a given, until God’s kingdom is established. Join us as we face its challenge and find ways to have godly contentment as we cope. This is a journey well worth taking!



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