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What is the Legacy of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection?

The life of Jesus truly is the greatest story ever told, for because of his life, all of mankind will also have life. The life of Jesus reflects all that is good and selfless in humanity. The death of Jesus reflects all that is courageous and noble and the resurrection of Jesus – well, that reflects all that is godly and loving. Jesus truly did leave us a legacy to follow. Today we honor his resurrection by following some of the legacy he left behind for us during his last day.

What Was Jesus’ Family Like?

Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  Here was a man who lived 2,000 years ago, never had a formal education, never wrote a word about himself or his teachings, never raised an army or lead a revolt – yet he is one of the central figures in human history.  Many things have been written about him, ranging from the Bible itself to other “gospels,” to fictional stories all the way up to our present day and the proposed discovery of his tomb.  On this podcast we invite two specials guests to help us look at Jesus and focus on his family relationships - what they were and what they meant.