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October 30, 2023

Ep.1305: How Do Satanic Demons Influence Our World?

Establishing the origin, power and methods of dark spiritual beings

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What happened to the angels who followed Satan once he left heaven?

How can demons deceive us?

How can we stay far away from Satan and his influence?

Theme Scripture: Ephesians 6:12

We live in a diverse world, and that can be a really wonderful thing! To observe and embrace the positive differences in our cultures, our backgrounds and our characters is worthy of celebration. Appreciating the immense differences we see in nature due to geographic locations is a fascinating journey through God’s creation. But here is a problem. Diversity, just like most anything else we as imperfect humans celebrate, can go to extremes that take the basic principles of godly righteousness and corrupt them with darkness and evil. This inevitably leads to the destruction of that which is good. What has this got to do with Satan and demons? Everything! Satan and those who follow him are masters of subtlety and can easily make darkness look like light.

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In his letter to the Ephesian church, the Apostle Paul warns us that we in our Christian journey are wrestling against “spiritual wickedness in high places." When you think about it, this is really creepy. How do you wrestle against something that is SO much more powerful than you and that you can't even see? The answer lies in scriptural understanding, biblical faith and godly wisdom.

What do we know about this spiritual wickedness? Obviously, we know it all comes from Satan and his demons. While this is a good start, all it does is label the source. Our next level of understanding needs to be based on why and how this all began. Before we go any further, a word of caution. Satanic influence is real and powerful, and our foundational rule of operation is simple. Stay away from it! Investigating satanic websites, etc. so you can understand satanic power better is a foolish and unwarranted practice. All we need to know can be found in the Bible’s very detailed explanations of how all of this came about.

As we gain an understanding of the origins of this spiritual wickedness, we will also gain insight into how such evil works. Once again, the Bible gives us a very detailed outline about the process. There are many accounts in Scripture that reveal satanic tactics. The three temptations Satan brought to Jesus, demon possession and Satan “entering” Judas are some examples. As dark as these experiences were, they teach us how to perceive several methods of demonic influence. Our faith can be bolstered when we see these things and realize that they are recorded in Scripture for our protection.

Check out our October 30, 2023 podcast, “How Do Satanic Demons Influence Our World?” for more. We dig into the story behind the story with the beginnings of evil satanic influence in our world. Knowing the "what," "why" and "how" of its origins clues us into some of the motivation behind demonic activities. More than this, we look at how to be prepared against the high-level evil that permeates our world. Join us for this important journey into understanding, faith, and godly wisdom as we face the dark spiritual enemies in our world.


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  1. Michael Siemion
    Michael Siemion says:

    Thankfulness to our heavenly Father through our Lord Jesus Christ for providing true teachers such as you brethren.

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      We appreciate your kind words and give all glory to God for all of His overrulings. – Christian Questions


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