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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – What Would You Want Your Grandchildren to Know?

Whether we think about it or not, we all leave a legacy behind us as a result of our life and experience. Sometimes that legacy can be rich with wisdom, accomplishment and example, and other times our legacy can be a sad tale of unfulfilled potential, broken dreams and a trail of “if only” and “why didn’t I?” What advice do you want to leave your loved ones so that their lives could blossom with fulfilled potential and with true contentment? Watch this 2-minute vlog and then listen to the complete podcast to recenter your thinking about the influence you have on those closest to you.

What Voices Do YOU Listen To?

We all hear voices - every one of us. Sometimes the voice is our own voice of conscience. Other times it is the voice of experience, or the voice of reason or the voice of compassion. Still other times, we may hear the voice of rationalization, or the voice of peer pressure or the voice of apathy. We may also hear the voice of temptation, or the voice of foolishness or the voice of self-gratification. While these voices may not be audible, they are clearly understandable and we are daily faced with the challenge of deciding what voices to follow and which to avoid. What about the voice of godliness? Can we learn to tune in to that voice? Stay with us as we sift through the voices in our lives and figure out how to tune in to those voices that would be most beneficial.