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March 18, 2024

Ep.1325: Does God’s Holy Spirit Speak to Us?

Unfolding how the holy spirit does and does not function in our lives

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What can we learn from how the holy spirit was received at Pentecost?

If the holy spirit doesn't have a literal voice, how does it communicate what we need to know?

Several scriptures plainly say the holy spirit spoke or testified. How is that possible?

Theme Scripture: 1 Corinthians 6:19

Every serious Christian knows about God’s holy spirit. We not only know about it, but we also often talk about what we believe to be its effects upon our lives. Christians speak of being provoked, directed, protected and guided by the spirit. Some of us claim the spirit speaks to us, or perhaps to our pastor, for the purpose of giving us not only instruction, but prophetic utterances regarding our lives as well. In short, our brand of Christianity or denomination has much to do with how we believe the holy spirit works. So, how does it work? Who is right, and who may be mistaken when it comes to understanding and following this mighty power of God in our lives? Not surprisingly, the Bible says a lot about this subject. It also doesn’t say things about God’s spirit we might assume are true.

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God’s spirit is His power and influence.

It has been busy at work in our whole earthly experience. The second verse of the Bible introduced it as the power that made creation happen by describing it as “moving upon the face of the waters.” God’s spirit was actively engaged throughout the entire Old Testament. It gave the prophets the ability to precisely represent God’s will in their words and writings. It gave many the power of miracles, and it gave some elevated powers of creativity. God’s spirit worked mightily with John the Baptist, as it provoked him to stand alone and plainly proclaim the coming of Israel’s Messiah, Jesus.

When God’s spirit came to Jesus himself at his baptism, something new had occurred. For the first time in human history, God’s spirit would not only help and guide, but it would also now dwell within the individual. Jesus was the first of what the New Testament later describes as a “new creation.” This application of God’s power and influence would be offered to those after Jesus, whom God would call to be footstep followers of His son. Their role in God’s plan would be unique and eternal.

How does it work?

With such a high and lofty privilege being offered, the question arises as to how this actually works. Does this mighty power of God take over the person in whom it dwells? Can it talk us through our problems? Does it perform miracles to pave our way through adversity and bring us to abundance?

Check out our March 18, 2024 podcast, “Does God’s Holy Spirit Speak to Us?” for answers. We follow the pattens of how God’s spirit operated in the Old Testament and compare them to the New. We examine the spirit’s mighty introduction on the Day of Pentecost with Peter and the eleven. Interestingly, that incredible experience showed us a template for how God’s sprit does and does not work in our lives. We squarely address whether or not the spirit has a voice or communicates to us in other ways. This is an intense journey. Don’t miss it!


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