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How Does God’s Spirit Work?

For the Christian, the Holy Spirit is a sacred part of our faith. It was promised to us in the absence of Jesus as a comforter, a guide, a teacher and even an intercessor. It is a true evidence of one who has been called, chosen and working towards being faithful. So, how does the Holy Spirit work in our lives? Who has it and who doesn’t? Is now the time for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on the world?

How Does the Holy Spirit Work?

Christians everywhere talk about the Holy Spirit and how it generates influence, strength and peace in their lives. We all want more of it because we all see it as a way to continually draw closer to God through Jesus. But how does the Holy Spirit work? Does the Holy Spirit give us miraculous powers in the same way it did back in New Testament times? How do you know the Holy Spirit is working in your life? Stay with us as we look into this common yet little-understood phenomena of Christian life.

Who Gets Elected? – By the Spirit, That Is!

It’s election time in America! This coming Tuesday many will stream to cast their ballots for whatever candidate they believe will do the best job in public office. This exercise gives a voice to the common man. Well, what about the election to the office of “sons of God?” Who “votes” for that? Has God, as some Christians believe, had that all in hand in a predestined fashion for all of the ages of time, or is there some level of choice involved in the matter, as other Christians believe? Stay with us as we look into the election process for the highest office ever available to sinful man!

Does the Holy Spirit Speak?

One of the things that separate true Christianity from other religions is the way in which we profess that God works in our lives. According to the Bible, the true Christian is given a special brand of help for their life. This help is called the Holy Spirit and it is the awesome power and influence of God working in our lives to help us to not only cope with a world that we are in but not of, but it is there to help us become Christ-like from the inside out. So, how does the Holy Spirit work? Does it really guide us? Stay with us as we look into this mighty power of God to try and grasp just how significant its influence is in our lives.