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May 24, 2015

Ep.867: Should Christians Speak in Tongues?

Biblical meaning and application of the gift of tongues

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Who received this gift of speaking in tongues?

Why was this gift given?

Where was this gift supposed to be used?

How was this gift to be profitable?

When did the gift of tongues work and has it now gone away?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 19:14

The world is a big place and Christianity is a big religion. With 2,000+ denominations we will find a vast labyrinth of beliefs, traditions and interpretations of Scripture. One widely interpreted Christian belief is the understanding and use of the gift of speaking in tongues. For many it is an integral part of their faith and for others it can be looked upon as heresy. Who is right? Is the truth on the matter somewhere in the middle? We really should know, but how can we know? Stay with us!

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1 reply
  1. Beverly Hayes
    Beverly Hayes says:

    What an interesting conversation about speaking in tongues! It brought back a childhood memory when I thought “speaking in tongues” meant everyone gathered together and spoke in their own country language. My thought as a child, who spoke only English, was “how confusing.”

    In my early 20’s I remember a movie when the preacher supposedly spoke in tongues and was so carried away the congregation screamed and some fainted. My thought then was it’s still jibberish and pretty scary that people could think they were listening to God.

    Thank you for taking me back to my childhood understanding. There are times when we should think like a child again.


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