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June 26, 2023

Ep.1287: What Does God Promise Us As Christians?

Learning who God’s magnificent promises are for and how they work

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Are God's promises to Christians a free ticket to greatness and abundance?

Has God promised to deliver us from our trials by making a way of escape??

Courage, assurance, hope, reward - what do we have to do in order to receive God's promises?

Theme Scripture: 2 Peter 1:4

As Christians, our faith in God should translate into an unquestionable loyalty and trust. If God says something will be so, it is a guarantee it will happen. While this deep faith in the word of God should bring a powerful comfort to our lives, it's also capable of bringing us serious doubts and concerns. How can this be? If God is as good as His word (and He is), then where do the doubts come from? They arise when we do not understand or misapply His Word. They arise when we ourselves stand outside of the circle of God’s protective providence and seek to claim promises not meant for us. In other words, God’s promises to Christians are only meant for true disciples of Jesus. This may sound like an excuse to some, but it is in fact a basis for how God’s favor works in the lives of His true children.

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