Home Doctrine Who Gets Elected? – By the Spirit, That Is!

Ep.683: Who Gets Elected? – By the Spirit, That Is!

Predestination / Election – what they mean

Who Gets Elected? – By the Spirit, That Is!

Theme Scripture: Ephesians 1:4


It’s election time in America! This coming Tuesday many will stream to cast their ballots for whatever candidate they believe will do the best job in public office. This exercise gives a voice to the common man. Well, what about the election to the office of “sons of God?” Who “votes” for that? Has God, as some Christians believe, had that all in hand in a predestined fashion for all of the ages of time, or is there some level of choice involved in the matter, as other Christians believe? Stay with us as we look into the election process for the highest office ever available to sinful man!

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