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Should Christians Be Politically Motivated?

Politics! For some of us the very word elicits a shiver and a feeling of frustration and disappointment. Are we really so power hungry and immature that we need to demonize those who disagree, that we need to exaggerate our own point of view and win at the cost of our own integrity? The more we know about the political game, the more it seems to be about agenda instead of the will of the people. Should Christians be involved in this arena? Does the political world need a Christian perspective? Do Christians need politics?

Who is God’s Candidate?

In just two days, America will experience what is perhaps the most anticipated Election Day in recent memory. As a country in financial turmoil, we stand at a crossroad: Do we continue to follow the path that the current administration has set under the guidance of President Obama or do we scrap it for an entirely different approach, as laid out by Republican candidate Mitt Romney? What is the role of a Christian in this decision? Is there a right or wrong side for us, or is it not our primary concern? What would Jesus do?

Who Gets Elected? – By the Spirit, That Is!

It’s election time in America! This coming Tuesday many will stream to cast their ballots for whatever candidate they believe will do the best job in public office. This exercise gives a voice to the common man. Well, what about the election to the office of “sons of God?” Who “votes” for that? Has God, as some Christians believe, had that all in hand in a predestined fashion for all of the ages of time, or is there some level of choice involved in the matter, as other Christians believe? Stay with us as we look into the election process for the highest office ever available to sinful man!

How should a Christian View Politics?

Life in these United States is dominated by a number of things. Money dominates us. If we have it, things are great; if we don’t, we suffer. Our jobs dominate us. We spend one-third or more of our day working, and for many, that time is spent in a job we don’t even like. Leisure dominates us. We are consumed by entertainment. Status dominates us. We must look good in the eyes of others. Recently, it seems more than ever before, politics dominates us. The parties, the process and the policies are always headline news and seem of late to be shaping our futures at an alarming speed. So, what are we to make of all this? How should a Christian be involved – or – should a Christian be involved in any of this? Stay with us as we delve into a subject that we normally avoid – Politics and the Christian – is it a match?

Who Will be Elected?

In just two days, America will go to the polls to decide the next President of the United States. This election has been a hard fought, divisive, nasty and important battle, for the next Commander-in-Chief will inherit massive power, massive opportunity and massive problems in almost every area of governance. Comparing the ideology and background of the two candidates is like comparing night and day – the big debate is deciding who represents night and who represents day! Who will win? Is this the most important election of our time or could there possibly be another election happening whose results will have a much more profound effect on our world now and in the future? Stay with us as we delve NOT into politics, but into the greatest and most important election the world has ever seen…