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January 23, 2023

Ep.1265: What Sins Can Never Be Forgiven?

Identifying what unforgivable sins are and their consequences

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Why did Jesus tell the Pharisees that blasphemy against the holy spirit would not be forgiven?

What does the book of Jude tell us about the unforgivable sin?

What is the sin unto death, and is it the same as the unforgivable sin?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 12:31

Everybody sins. We can’t help it because we are imperfect, and therefore we will inevitably fall. As Christians, we can and should claim the amazing advocacy of Jesus, ask forgiveness, make right what we did wrong and move on. But are there sins that go beyond what Jesus can help us with? Are there "unforgivable" sins? Are there sins that once committed doom us to eternal death? The Scriptures do say such sins exist. The good news is the Bible is specific about what they are and how they work. The difficult news is that some verses are hard to understand, and that can lead to confusion. So, what are sins that go beyond forgiveness, and how can we stay far away from them?

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What if I accidentally commit this type of sin?

First and foremost, we need to understand that according to the Bible, no one can commit a sin that dooms them to eternal death by accident. Many seem to walk through their lives with this fear hanging over their heads. What if I said this or did that without realizing it? Or, what if I did something as a joke or out of immaturity or a whim in the past – does that doom me to future eternal death? The answer here is no. Sins with no resurrection are not accidental. Remember, God is just and not vengeful. He is wise and not emotionally driven. He is powerful, not reactionary, and He is love but not weak.

However, this is not to say that being foolish about or disrespectful to God and His eternal power is ever advisable. It never is, as we all bear responsibility for our thoughts, words and deeds. The primary principle that needs establishing in this whole discussion has to do with “who.” Who is liable to committing a sin that leads to eternal death? The Bible unequivocally speaks about a resurrection for all of humanity that brings them an opportunity for reconciliation. This one fact tells us that all of humanity therefore does not have such liability here in this present age. If they did, they obviously would not be raised out of death.

Not all Christians are in this category

The liability to a death with no resurrection falls upon Christians, but NOT on all Christians. Once again, you look at this and think, what? The explanation for this is clearly laid out in Scripture and really is a must see. Check out our January 23, 2023 podcast, “What Sins Can Never Be Forgiven?” for more. We systematically go through the three sets of scriptures that always seem to come up when talking about sins with no resurrection. What we find is a deep subject that has been muddied in its understanding and application over time. Phrases like “speaking against the holy spirit being unforgivable,” “the second death,” “for whom black darkness has been reserved forever” are all put in order. Join us as we attempt to separate out all of the mystery and leave just the plain statements of biblical truth to learn from. You don’t want to miss this!



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