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January 16, 2023

Ep.1264: What Does God’s Grace Do For Us?

Defining, applying and profoundly appreciating the grace of God

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What are some characteristics of God's grace?

What does God's grace do for us? What about for those who aren't Christians?

How do continually appreciate God's grace to us?

Theme Scripture: 1 Corinthians 1:3

The Bible is full of examples of God’s love, justice, wisdom, power and plan. It is a fountain of mercy and foresight, and a treasure trove of prophecy. Understanding the magnitude of all these things helps us see God as the Sovereign Creator and Father that He really is. But wait, there’s more! Running through ALL of the descriptions we just mentioned is another facet of God’s character - His grace. The word for "grace" in the Bible has many shades of meaning. When we understand how this word is applied to God in both the Old and New Testaments, we are given a profound glimpse into the depth and breadth of His character. God’s grace is and always has been a game changer. Let’s see how!

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A gift

God’s grace is often and accurately described as His unmerited favor. On a mere human level, this concept can be exciting and fulfilling. Suppose you know someone who has a favorite sports team. You decide one day that you will buy them two tickets to an important game their team will play in. You buy the tickets not because you are returning some favor, but simply because you want to give them something that was previously out of their reach. Finally, you give them the tickets and they are stunned in their joy and surprise.

This is a tiny example compared to the magnitude of God’s grace. His grace is expressed in many ways at many times under many circumstances. Think of the gift of Jesus. The Bible says God gave us this gift as an expression of His grace. This means that we are ransomed from death because God wanted to give humanity the unmerited gift of an opportunity for eternal life. This gift changes everything about the futures of every human being who has ever lived. It’s a pretty big gift! So, is our reaction to it as joyful as receiving tickets to a big game?

What if they are just paper?

How would you feel if your friend you gave those tickets to never went to the game and instead just stared at the tickets and loved the fact that they had them? Your reaction would be that they missed the point of the gift. You wanted them to be at the actual game and not just appreciate the fact that they could go. It is the same with God’s grace, only on a massively larger level. He doesn’t want us to simply appreciate the opportunity for life; He wants us to live in that opportunity, to change and grow as a result of its presence in our lives. God’s grace always seeks an active response!

Check out our January 16, 2023 podcast, “What Does God’s Grace Do for Us?” for more. We reveal the countless ways His grace is described, give examples of how it works and lay out what it does for us. God’s grace is bigger and more powerful than we think. Do yourself a favor and join us for an awe-inspiring look at the grace that changes the world!



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