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January 09, 2023

Ep.1263: Does My Life Have a Motivating Vision?

Learning how to make the driving vision of our lives reflect God’s vision

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How do we find a clear and godly vision for ourselves?

Why do we look to the prophet Habakkuk as an example of accepting God's vision as our own?

How can we rejoice even when everything around us appears to be crumbling?

Theme Scripture: Proverbs 29:18

We all know people who are visionaries, you know, the kind of people who change the world around them. They see things others don’t. They imagine possibilities others can’t. This often results in them taking risks in ways others won’t. While we appreciate these trendsetters, most of us are not that kind of visionary. However, we can and should be visionaries for our own lives. So, where do we find the inspiration and guidance for our life’s vision? As Christians, the obvious answer is to look to the Bible. The only problem with this is, we often see the Scriptures through the eyes of our own limitations. Today, let’s look more closely to see if we can find a biblically motivated vision for our lives that we can really invest ourselves into.

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The prophet Habakkuk had a problem. His vision of the world around him focused on the ever-increasing power of the surrounding heathen nations. He was struck with a fear of Israel being overrun by them. He brought his fearful vision before God in a very forceful and straightforward manner. God answered his fears in a straightforward manner as well. He told Habakkuk that his fears would be realized but that also, God’s will and way would win in the end. God told him that his job as a prophet was to be a watcher. Habakkuk was to write down the message so others could understand how God would eventually prevail. His job was to relay God’s vision of the future to the people.

Habakkuk's problems are our problems

We often have the same kind of problems as Habakkuk had. We too can be easily overwhelmed by our immediate circumstances and future. We too can feel lost when it comes to how to cope with the big unknowns of life. Like Habakkuk, we too can find peace and direction with all of this, but only if we do what Habakkuk did. Habakkuk found a powerful and compelling vision for his life. Finding this vision required him to abandon his old ways of thinking and adopt an entirely new perspective. That perspective was only available to him when he thoroughly committed himself to acting not in fear but in faith.

How can we adopt the same kind of powerful and motivating vision for our lives? Check out our January 9, 2023 podcast, “Does My Life Have a Motivating Vision?” for answers.

Five specific steps

It turns out that there were five specific steps Habakkuk followed to change his vision. The first of these steps was to put his fears and questions before God. He requested answers. He not only requested, he also put himself in a position to hear and accept anything that God would reveal. We’re not prophets like Habakkuk, so we won’t literally hear God’s voice. We can, however, see God’s will through a Bible-based approach to our experiences. Join us as we uncover the steps Habakkuk laid out and learn how to find and follow our own life-motivating vision!


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