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July 20, 2020

Ep.1135: Are Praise and Worship Necessary To Be a Faithful Christian?

Understanding the roles and differences of praise and worship

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Jesus directly taught worship only once. What can we learn?

How can we have connected and worthy worship that pleases God?

How does praise fit in to a life of worship?

How can we be sure our praise gives God glory?

Theme Scripture: John 4:23

Christian praise and worship. As with many things subject to interpretation, you will find different applications of these things within the Christian community. For some, praise and worship are expressed in music. This drives their gatherings and feeds positive emotions towards God. For others, they include music and inspiration. They play a significant role in their gatherings as a focusing element for being open to God’s word. Others still have praise and worship in a smaller role. Who is right? Does it matter? Are these two parts of the same thing or are they entirely different? How do I know if I am paying enough attention to praising God? Am I living a life that expresses an attitude of worship?

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So, what is worship anyway?

Is it reverently focusing on God while attending a service? Does worship thrive on emotions drawn from hymns and psalms being sung and recited with others? Is it a state of mind or a state of being? If you want to understand true Christian worship, you’d probably open your Bible to see what Jesus said about it. Surprisingly, when it comes to worship, Jesus never even mentioned it his followers. Not once! In fact, the only time he taught about worship was to a Samaritan woman while having a conversation at a well about what Jesus called “living water.”

In spirit and in truth

The Samaritan woman brings up the traditions of Samaritan worship of God in the mountain and the Jewish practice of worshipping God in Jerusalem.  Jesus’ response is surprising to her and revealing to us. He tells her God’s true worshippers will now worship Him "in spirit and in truth." Jesus is saying that true connected worship of God will no longer be bound to any location. Because Jesus was here, worshiping God will now be different.  After this conversation, Jesus never again teaches specifically about worship.

What are we supposed to do with this? Learn! The whole concept of worship is much bigger than many of us might think. While the Greek word means "to bow low," the New Testament application of this action applies to how we live.  Understanding this will also give us a better sense of what it means to praise God.

Praise is another huge part of this conversation. While it is a deeply important aspect of our Christian lives, it too has a different look and feel than what we see in the Old Testament. Check out our July 20,2020 podcast, “Are Praise and Worship Necessary To Be a Faithful Christian?” for more. We set the firm foundation of what worship means on a daily basis to the Christian and then consider the role of praise. We address the similarities and differences of Old and New Testament praise and focus on its power in our lives. Our worship and praise can lift and encourage others while focusing us on fulfilling God’s will daily. Most important, our worship and praise can honor God. What’s better than that?



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8 replies
  1. Angelica
    Angelica says:

    Awesome….thank you so much. You guys rock. You are so clear in explaining. I love your messages. God bless you

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Wow, we really appreciate your taking the time to write. We shared your message with our team of volunteers and it make their day! God is very, very good. – Christian Questions

  2. Pastor Roberto Ortiz, Belize Central America
    Pastor Roberto Ortiz, Belize Central America says:

    Amen Hallelujah. God is truly worthy to be be praise. The Holy Spirit is the one that leads to praise Hum in truth and in spirit. Amen.

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Hi, Pastor Roberto, thank you for your message. We couldn’t agree more! 🙂 We studied worshipping “in truth and in spirit” on this podcast episode #1135 and received a great blessing. – Christian Questions

    • Errol Morrison
      Errol Morrison says:

      I have learned a whole lot about worship especially ,thanks much I am a Christian from 2002 but often times feel powerless but not giving up I will soldier on for Christ sake AMEN.🙏

      • Christian Questions
        Christian Questions says:

        Thank you so much for writing. We also learned a lot about worship in the preparation of this podcast. It was very faith-strengthening for sure! – Christian Questions


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