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July 01, 2024

Ep.1340: How Can I Get People to Listen When I Speak?

Understanding and learning the art of effective speaking

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How can we be more effective and godly when we talk?

What are some things that can poison our words and make communication less effective?

What can we learn from the Apostle Paul and Onesimus the slave?

Theme Scripture: Hebrews 10:23

Everyone wants to be heard. Being heard is not only an acknowledgment of our existence but also confirms our value. Being listened to helps us find a place of significance in whatever social order we happen to be engaging in. To be heard - to be truly paid attention to - is to be recognized as the individual you are. Because so much rides on our ability to be heard, how do we enhance that ability? How do we better place ourselves in this position of mutual respect and contribution? Do we speak louder? Do we elevate our passion, or raise our voice or talk faster? Many of us likely have little to no idea how to enhance this ability of communication, and what we think we know are in many cases backwards. As we look at this question through the eyes of biblical principles, the answers will become obvious!

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To best understand how to be heard as someone who contributes value, we need to understand what methods and motivations to adopt, as well as which ones we need to be rid of. We cannot expect to become great communicators by simply adding a few catch phrases or expanding our vocabulary. Taking the negatives away needs to be one of our primary focal points.

One example of a communication destroyer is gossip.

Think about being in a situation where important things are being discussed, and the person relaying these things is a known gossip. How seriously do you take their input? Do you ever wonder if engaging with them with make you the subject of future gossip? True communication ability depends on having strong credibility, and let’s face it. Gossip is a credibility drainer. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as there are several other very negative speech habits that derail our ability to be heard.

Let's enhance our communication methods.

On the other side of the issue, there are also several foundational communication enhancing methods of approach. When applied, these draw those listening to become more fully engaged. One example here is authenticity. When we are truly authentic, we are clearly representing ourselves as being fully and sincerely committed to what we are saying as well as how we are saying it. Authenticity is not very common and when people see it, they are drawn to it.

Check out our July 1, 2024 podcast, “How Can I Get People to Listen When I Speak?” for more. We label and discuss seven detractors from effective communication. We examine them scripturally to expose the depth of their damage. As a remedy, we also dwell on four solid foundations for effectively communicating. Embracing these foundations draws us away from those other damaging habits. One more thing. There is another amazingly powerful secret to truly valuable communication most of us just don’t think about. Join us as we assemble all of these pieces and learn how to elevate our ability to be heard and to be effective!


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