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Will Prayer Change Your Life?

Prayer is a staple of religion. If you don’t follow any particular religion then perhaps you meditate. The point is, humans by and large are tuned to opening their minds to some kind of external power or tranquility. For many, this opening of their minds provides a sense of security and peace as they feel heard, accepted and cared for. So, is prayer a commodity that should be passed out to and encouraged among the masses? Is it an elixir that can be taken to cure what ails you? How does prayer even work? What are its key ingredients and what is its process – or is there one? Can prayer, will prayer, change your life?

How Should We Be Praying?

For many religions, prayer is a mainstay and a staple of ritual and lifestyle. Whatever the religion, prayer is a lifeline to a higher power, a calming factor in individual experiences and a connector to others who share the same faith. Prayer can and should permeate the life of a Christian. So, if this is the case, then the question is, do we know how we should be praying, why we should be praying and for what we should be praying? Stay with us as we explore some of the many teachings on prayer from Jesus!

Does Prayer Really Change Life’s Outcomes?

Prayer is an almost universal phenomenon. People pray to all kinds of “gods” and we pray about all kinds of things. We use all kinds of tools to help us pray – prayer shawls, wheels, rugs, books and beads, to name a few. People pray to worship, to ask for help, guidance, peace, patience, strength, courage, and tolerance. People pray to complain and vent. People pray to seek revenge, judgment, and self worth. People pray to dictate, command and get rich. People pray for whatever people want, see, like or wish. People pray – does it do any good?

Why Do We Pray?

Prayer. It is a central activity of most any religion. For people who are very religious, prayer is one of the very basics of their lives. For many who are not normally religious, prayer comes into play when tragedy enters their life and they are suddenly faced with the mortality of themselves or their loved ones. Often, it seems as though the subject of our prayers is, well, ourselves. It seems that we pray when we need something or when we want something, for ourselves or our loved ones. So, is this the purpose for prayer – for our own desires to be noticed, or is there more to it than that? Stay with us as we look into the purpose, passion and power of prayer!

Why Do We Pray?

It can happen for many people almost involuntarily. When the situation is difficult, when tragedy strikes, when death approaches, when a loved one is suffering – these are some of the circumstances that prompt us to do it. It crosses the lines of race, creed, religion and political persuasion. It has been shown to have a soothing effect upon us. It prompts us to look for a fulfillment. It is prayer...the simple act of prayer. What is prayer? Why do we pray? Why do most of our prayers seem to go unanswered? Stay with us as we take a biblical look at this phenomena and seek the answer to the question, why do we pray?