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July 25, 2022

Ep.1239: How Do We Best Support Our Kids Through Their Hardest Times?

Learning to be approachable handle trauma and work through rebellion

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Are there secrets to maintaining a God-honoring relationship with our kids as they grow and change?

How do we maintain our positive parent-child relationships when life brings us unexpected trauma?

How do we handle it when our children walk away from us in anger and bitterness?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 50:7

Parenting is a difficult and often unpredictable task. In Episode 1238, we laid a scripturally-principled foundation for managing our parental “what ifs” and imperfections. We also addressed the ever-present challenge of growing confidence and competence in our children as we slowly release our parental control over them. With all of this in place, it is now time to delve into several of the hard and practical matters of bringing children up. The structure of our present society extols a path and process of raising children that is often fundamentally opposed to true Christian beliefs. This leaves us with a lot of questions that may be hard to answer as we seek to apply principles of godliness. The good news is, no matter the question, there is always clear Bible-based instruction available.

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As Christians, we should consider the Bible as our guidebook and final word of authority for every aspect of our lives. Even though it does not give us chapter after chapter of parenting advice, it does give us sound, time-tested principles to handle any scenario we parents may face in raising children. This is not only comforting; it strengthens us as well. Parenting in the 21st century looks and feels entirely different than it was thousands of years ago.

Here is a sampling of the questions many of us as parents worry about:

  • How do we attain and maintain open and honest relationships with our kids as they go through the many different stages of growing up? Though the Bible may seem silent on this, the principles of God’s approachability to us as His children speaks volumes. When we understand how He loves, listens to and responds to us, we begin to see the patterns and perspectives that parents can and should apply to our own families.
  • What do we do when something bad - really bad - happens to our children? On top of being a parent's worst fear, this kind of experience brings us to a place of alarming uncertainty. Our insecurity can begin to be quelled when we again go back to Scripture. We need to draw on the scriptural teachings that focus on what it takes to cope with and overcome our own hard experiences. These principles direct us in how to care for our children in their tragedies.
  • What do we do when one or more of our children gets into a really rebellious stage of life? This is yet another powerful parental concern that shouts out for guidance and direction.

Check out our July 25, 2022 podcast, “How Do We Best Support Our Kids Through Their Hardest Times?” for answers as we walk through each and every one of these questions individually. We draw upon God’s perspective as our heavenly Father. Then we delve into many of the biblical teachings regarding building up those who are struggling, learning to apply them to our own children. Join us for a journey through the Bible that brings practical application, hope and courage to our parenting experience.


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