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Is Bitterness Ruining Your Life?

We have all had experiences – real life experiences - that have triggered a bitter reaction in our hearts. This can actually be a very natural reaction. As we look at the harsh experiences of some we often say things like, “who can blame them” or “I’d feel the same way if that happened to me.” The big question for today is simple: Once we go through the initial bitter reaction in any experience, where do we go from there? Does bitterness move in and take over or do we leave it behind? Stay with us as we look bitterness square in the eye and figure out what to do with it…

Can Bitter Become Sweet?

Everyone has issues. Some issues are brought on by bitter experiences and just linger on and on. For many of us, our issues can be life-long experiences that reflect our personality or a character trait that we simply don’t like, but don’t seem to be able to change. Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure – where issues remain, bitterness is most likely right at home with them. Can we change this? Is there a way to make bitter become sweet? Stay with us as we look into this relevant and difficult question to try and find some answers.

Murmur Much?

Do you murmur? What does it mean to murmur anyway? Most of us don’t use that word too often, but when you think about it, the word sounds like what it means... murrrrmurrr... sort of an under your breath, nondescript sound that reflects a negative outlook on something. With this in mind, coupled with the fact that we live in a culture that revolves everything around ourselves, chances are that we not only murmur, we murmur a lot! Stay with us as we figure out where murmuring and complaining belong in our lives and look at practical ways to put them there!

How Big of a Burden is Bitterness?

We all have had experiences in our lives that have left a bitter taste in our mouths. Whether it is a self-inflicted emotional wound that brings the bitterness or a wound that comes from someone or somewhere else, the fact is, we are wounded and we become bitter. So, what does bitterness do? Is it ever helpful in any way? Is holding bitterness a practice that nourishes us or is holding bitterness a practice that eats us alive from the inside out? How do we recognize bitterness and how do we eradicate it from our lives? Today we look into a Biblical perspective on the burden of bitterness.