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Ep.1008: Are There Biblical Secrets to a Good Marriage?

A back-to-basics application of biblical marriage principles today

Are There Biblical Secrets to a Good Marriage?

Theme Scripture: Genesis 2:24


If you believe in the Bible then you believe there are two institutions that have existed as long as humanity has been on this earth. First, there was the institution of obedience and honor to the Almighty Creator. God created and blessed Adam, and he in turn owed his allegiance to God. The second institution was that of marriage. Upon the creation of Eve it was declared that Adam would be committed and faithful to his wife, Eve. Loyalty to God and Marriage - two God-declared necessities that began the human journey. As we look around at our present conditions two new things become ominously apparent. First, we have all but lost our godly loyalty, and second, we are rapidly losing our marital bearings. For many, marriage still remains a vital piece of the human puzzle, so how do we keep its vitality relevant? Should you stay married even if you aren't happy?  What do we do? How do we act? What do we avoid? Our best course of action to find answers is to go back to the Book where it all started…

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When looking to the Bible for answers and “secrets” about marriage, most of us will dutifully quote the text in Genesis where Adam and Eve are brought together.  That text clearly and dramatically states that because woman was taken out from man, he and she through their marriage are to be an inseparable and united couple.  It states the man will leave his parents and “cleave” to his wife – he will hold her close to him as the most cherished part of his own life.  We dutifully read these words and then we go on to other Scriptures, primarily in the New Testament, to build our reasoning.

While this text IS the best basis for understanding the biblical concept of a good marriage, I submit to you that it is the ONLY text you need to establish the foundation of a good marriage - leave behind where you came from and cling to your new family unit.  Think about the elements for a moment, beginning with a man leaving his father and mother.  The family unit’s role in raising children is of inestimable worth.  Parents give opportunity for children to grow and mature through the parent’s example, teaching and discipline.  The child grows to maturity and then leaves that all important family unit behind to establish their own unique and important family unit.  This is a simple and profound basis for a good marriage.

Think about “cleaving to his wife.”  Again, the implication is that this union is so complete that as the text further states, “the two shall become one flesh.”  The marriage union should be a thorough combining of two individual lives for the purpose of creating a single, much more powerful life.  Check out our February 12, 2018 podcast, “Are There Biblical Secrets to a Good Marriage?” and follow along with us as we delve into these and other secrets of successful marriage.  This podcast also features multiple marriage insights from happily married couples ranging from a mere 20 years of marriage experience to 65 years of marital wisdom. You don’t want to miss this!



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