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Ep.1165: How Vital Are My Vows of Marriage?

Examining what a marriage covenant is and how to make it work

How Vital Are My Vows of Marriage?

Theme Scripture: Mark 10:9


...And they lived happily ever after! This is such a promising and bliss-filled ending that is sought after and hoped for by so many. Who wouldn’t want the prospect of happiness and contentment as a recipe for their married life in all their coming days? The truth of the matter is that at the rate present-day society is going, this dream - even for a Christian marriage - is a mere fantasy for most married couples. I know this sounds harsh, but the reality is, there are two things about marriage that most of us do not understand. First and foremost, it is not a love-driven relationship, but a commitment-driven relationship that is fed by love. Secondly, it is a lot of work. Though it sounds hard, even daunting, it is profoundly worth the effort! So, how hard should we be willing to keep this commitment? How unbreakable and important are the “’til death do us part” vows we took?

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The Bible is filled with all kinds of promises

Some are between God and humanity, or between God and individuals. Others are between nations, and others are between families or individuals.  These promises can vary in sacredness according to how the parties make them. Rest assured, whenever God makes a promise, it is more solemn than anything we can imagine. So, what about the promises we make to one another?

Sacred promises in the Bible are called covenants

The word comes from an ancient ritual having to do with walking between the two halves of a slaughtered animal to seal the agreement.  Afterwards, the animal was eaten in a feast symbolizing the unity of the agreement. Marriage is not only called a covenant in Scripture, it is called a “covenant of God.” This means that God was invited to witness the making of the agreement. It is written in Genesis regarding the union of Adam and Eve that the man and woman became one flesh. Jesus later adds that what God has joined together, let no man separate.

These details make it clear that the Bible defines marriage as the highest and most sacred promise two human beings can make.  Sound a bit scary? It should! What are we supposed to do now that we know this? If we are struggling with marriage, what does God expect? What if we have done sinful things to dismantle our marriage, is there a specific path we should take? What do we do if we have lost our spouse? How do we handle the sacredness of what we had?

Check out our February 15, 2021 podcast, “How Vital Are My Vows of Marriage?” for more on Christian marriage. We address all these questions with scriptural principles. We also review the sacredness of several of God’s own promises to model the kind of focus we should have with our covenants. Finally, we look into the depths of what we can do to keep any marriage strong and growing.  Marriage is no small task. It challenges you, presses you and changes you. It also can bless you in ways you never thought possible. Find out how!

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  1. what if your spouse does not want ro hear anything about God? What if he calls you names like telling you you are nasty and Judas , just because you pray?
    What if u do not even feel to sleep with him anymore?

    1. We are sorry to hear of the hardships you are going through in your marriage. Please listen to Episode 1115: “I Don’t Think I Love My Spouse Anymore. What Now?” Perhaps this will give you some scriptural and practical ideas on how to react. It is impossible to diagnose the issue from just these few sentences, but are you able to go for counseling, or to talk with someone at your church on how to try to turn this around? To find out what is causing his poor reaction to your trying to do the right thing? – Christian Questions

  2. what if your spouse cheats on you ,betrayed you,and that betrayed spouse wants to talk about it,but the person who do the actions doesn’t want to talk about it,what should be done?and will this be a problem between the two couples forever

    1. This is a really difficult situation. Without having any details, it sounds like Christian counseling or speaking to someone at your church would be very helpful in opening up communication to try to save the marriage. Perhaps the cheating spouse would be willing to listen to Episode 1169: Is Adultery Really That Wrong? There is a lot of good material there to study and pray about. – Christian Questions


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