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Ep.874: God’s Three Great Promises – Which One is For You?

How the Old, Grace and New Covenants work together

God’s Three Great Promises – Which One is For You?

Theme Scripture: Genesis 22:17-18


We as Christians say that God is love – and that is true. But what does that really mean? Who does God love and how do we know? Sometimes the answer to that question is difficult to see as we live in a world of sin and sadness. We must remember that God’s love is expressed through His word, and His word, though veiled at times, is still His Word and God is as good as His word, for He is a promisekeeping God. God has made promises to us – big promises called covenants! What are they and who do they apply to?

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An important principle to remember when studying the Bible is that not all texts apply to all people in all time periods. The same applies with the covenants. We want to study what promises apply when and to whom.

First, God created accountability for Israel by identifying sin through the Jewish Law Covenant. This covenant was a "shadow" that led us to the second covenant, the Grace Covenant available to us now. This created accountability for the "called-out" ones and identified hope.  Jesus - with the help of his true church - will mediate the New Covenant, a grand promise of blessing and life for the whole world, as they will need to be brought back into harmony with God's will and way.  We will talk about the difference between Christ as a Mediator vs. an Advocate, and which one we want to apply to us.

Finally, the New Covenant will create accountability for the world, identifying life eternal.  God has a plan...and ALL are in it!

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  1. I need to understand about God and the plans He has for my life.please send me the facts about the holy spirit and how to come in Gods present¡!!!.


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