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Ep.848: Should Christians Marry Only Christians?

Christian and worldly relationships defined biblically

Should Christians Marry Only Christians?

Theme Scripture: 2 Corinthians 6:14


To be a Christian is perhaps the most amazing privilege in the history of mankind. After all, you are called to walk in the footsteps of the master, to sacrifice your will, your time and your energy for one short lifetime. In exchange, you will be given an eternity of godly power and wisdom and be used of God Himself to rehabilitate the world from sin and rule along with our Lord Jesus in righteousness! Such privilege certainly comes with guidelines and requirements - well, what are they? How specifically does God through Jesus guide our relationships? How important is the biblical phrase being "equally yoked" or "bound together" as it pertains to our commited relationships, especially marriage?

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There are many different brands of Christianity today - some that focus primarily on the feeling of the freedom of the teachings of Jesus and the heart relationships, some that focus primarily on the literal and often harshly interpreted words of Jesus and then there are the many variations in between. What we will talk about today does not fit the extremes, but we believe it fits the intention of the heart of Jesus.

This special podcast discusses several "Be Ye Separate" lessons about choice and taking a different path in life by being focused on our primary allegiances.  We talk about keeping our hearts with diligence while interacting with the world and keeping rationalizations to a minimum, especially when the heart wants what the heart wants when faced with not being equally yoked.

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  1. And you have to be careful that the one you’re thinking of marrying isn’t the one with the seed on the stony or thorny ground!! (Speaking from experience, they will drag you down to where they are before you’ll be able to pull them up to where you wanna be — gravity and all — just sayin’.)


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