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August 27, 2018

Ep.1036: How Do I Strike Back at Betrayal?

Facing, coping with and overcoming the devastation of betrayal

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Once the waves of destruction stop beating you up, what other challenges are there?

To overcome betrayal we need faith and fellowship. What's next?

The natural results are pain and suffering. How do we stop this pattern?

How do I make it all work to heal?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 55:12-13

No one ever wants to experience betrayal.  It is easily one of the most devastating life events we can imagine.  When we come face-to-face with it, it shocks, breaks and undermines much - if not all - of what we hold dear.  For many, once we are betrayed it becomes a cancer that cannot be cured, a wound that will not heal and a darkness that will not relent. Betrayal devastates us because it violates trust...and trust is sacred.  So, what do we do when we are betrayed?  How do we cope?  Is it even possible to rebuild our lives after such a disaster?  And what about those who did the betraying?  Is it possible for them to recover?  How do we get to the point of ever trusting again?

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One of the unsung reasons betrayal is SO devastating is it causes us to ask a myriad of questions that we were previously convinced we should never have had to ask.  Because these queries are foreign entities in our heads, our hearts have no clue what to do with them, so we suddenly find ourselves lost, broken and feeling utterly alone.  It is in this state we are introduced to betrayal’s cohort...vulnerability.  As painful and shocking as betrayal is, vulnerability adds deep-seated fear into the mix. The bottom line is simple – we need help compassion and wisdom.  We need these things here and now, or else our fragile emotional and physical condition are driven to take us to the only destination they can see – distress and destruction.

We need faith.  The thing to realize, though, is that our faith will not deliver us by some miraculous means.  It won’t. Faith – in God, His will and His way is not our deliverance; rather, it is the foundation upon which our deliverance is constructed.  This means there are several other steps needed to rebuild our lives.  Faith acknowledges that God has got this part of our experience in the palm of His hand.  Faith knows He will not drop or ignore it, and that means He will not drop or ignore us, either.  Healing CAN happen, and the sooner we understand the process begins with faith, the better we will be able to prepare our climb out of betrayal's devastating pit.

We also need family and fellowship, although this can be tricky.  We absolutely need their understanding and their sympathy to help us to feel like we are not alone or abandoned. Even more than these things, we need their listening ears and strength.  Listening ears are needed because being betrayal needs tons of processing and strength.  Being betrayed needs powerful God-based guidance to avoid the countless pitfalls and traps along to road to recovery.

There is more – so much more - by way of building, steps and progress. Check out our August 27, 2018 podcast, “How Do I Strike Back at Betrayal?”  We lay bare the harshness of what betrayal is and does to all involved.  We also deeply focus on what to do, what to look for, what to avoid and most importantly what we can look forward to.  Betrayal does NOT have to ruin you.  Find out how to stop it!


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2 replies
  1. Noverlene Phillips
    Noverlene Phillips says:

    Jesus Christ taught thst betrayal would come, but woe be unto the Betrayer. Partners, pastors, siblings, parents fellow brethern, co-workers et al betraysus but I thank Jehovah whos has caused us to triumph. Hallelujah

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Thank you so much for your comment. This podcast on betrayal really opened our eyes to how we ourselves might hurt others unintentionally. We all just need to try to do better to please our Heavenly Father. – Christian Questions


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