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Ep.905: So, How Do You Stay in Love?

Tools and ideas to maintain marital strength

So, How Do You Stay in Love?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 141:3


“Happily ever after” is the very attractive and very much sought after life script which for most of us not only remains a complete mystery but is it as elusive as a winning lottery ticket.  The question is, are we chasing a fantasy or can we actually have a life that includes the “ever after” dream?

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To try and unravel this query, we looked at staying in love from several angles.  First and most obviously, marriage is a contract, a promise.  But it is not just any promise – in the Bible it is called “a covenant of God” because it is a solemn promise made with God specifically called in to witness it. With that level of seriousness, we certainly are responsible to give our best effort!

Outside of the “contract” part of marriage, what are some keys to success so you can stay in love?  Well, we have all heard of the acronym TLC – Tender Loving Care.  What if we adjust the acronym to focus on three very different but very essential aspects of a successful and loving marriage?

T=Trust.  There are two things we need to absolutely trust in a marriage relationship.  The first and most apparent trust is that of trusting our spouse. This may not be as easy as we might think, because true trust is a deep and vulnerable commitment.  Second, we need to trust our marriage – trust the weight of the promise we made to one another.

L=Love.  Not romantic love or infatuation or even mutual affection.  No, we are talking about the kind of love that gives without thought of receiving, the kind of love that is selfless and always seeking the others best welfare.  Again, this is not so easy.

C=Cherish.  Here is probably the most overlooked and yet most powerful secret to any loving marriage.  To master the art of cherishing is to build a unified and powerful marriage that can withstand even the darkest and most severe storms of life.  How do you really cherish your spouse?

Find out!  Listen to “So How do You Stay in Love?” our Christian Questions broadcast from February 14th, 2016.  It is full of practical, simple and inspiring tips on true love and happily ever after.  (As a bonus, you can also find out how hiring a butler named Sinclair can seriously change your married life for the better!)

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