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Ep.906: Is the Power of the Gospel Fading?

Understanding the Gospel's power in our broken world

Is the Power of the Gospel Fading?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 28:19


Jesus was a powerful man who was called upon to deliver a powerful message.  He walked this earth 2,000 years ago and preached about peace, love, honoring God and a kingdom.  It can be argued that his message and his life were more influential than any other in all of history.  Okay, fine.  So, where are we now?  Does the message and life of Jesus still have the same power today as they did in earlier times?  Or are they fading into history like CDs and desktop computers?

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One of the issues with the message of the gospel is history.  Many Christians firmly believe the gospel was given for the purpose of converting the world here and now.  If that is the case, then history would inevitably have to label the gospel's conversion track record as a miserable failure, as the world seems to be walking away from its principles and beliefs rather than towards them.  Look, we are obviously Christians and are telling you this.  Does this mean we are admitting the gospel has been defeated – that it has failed the world?

Not even close.  The big challenge here is figuring out what the big picture message of the gospel is, who it affects, when it affects them, how it affects them and why.  This is no small challenge.

What about these contradictions?

Consider these biblical statements that seem to be completely contrary to each other:  In Mark the fourth chapter, Jesus plainly states that he taught in parables so his listeners would NOT understand what he said, leaving them in a gospel-deprived state.  Couple this with the statement in 1 Timothy 2 that plainly states God wants ALL to be saved.  Not only does it say He wants all to be saved, but it adds that He wants them to fully understand the “truth.”  How can you possibly look at two such contrary statements and conclude they are both made with the exact same objective in mind?

There is an answer that makes really good sense!  Listen to “Is the Power of the Gospel Fading?”  We look at such glaring contradictions as this example and then dig beneath the surface to find the foundation of what the gospel really is.  It is actually growing in power and not fading!

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