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Ep.907: Does Christianity Require an Attitude Check?

The Great Dinner and the power of attitude

Does Christianity Require an Attitude Check?

Theme Scripture: Luke 14:18


Attitude – it is simply one of those things that we just don’t think much about, but probably should.  Your attitude pretty much governs most everything about you…  You go to work one day with a lousy attitude and guess what?  You have a lousy day!  Go to work the next day with a great attitude and your day can be great instead.  The moral of the story:  it makes sense to pay attention to and to adjust your attitude.

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Jesus understood attitude.  He really understood not only the importance of a good and godly demeanor, but he also understood what shapes it.  Better yet, he taught us how to put it all together so that we can learn how to successfully manage and elevate our attitude.  How did he do that?  By way of a parable, of course!

In the Parable of the Great Dinner, the dinner host pre-invited his special guests.  When the time for the feast came and they were notified, they all had excuses as to why they could not come.  The host is undaunted by this and invited some of the lame and crippled people from town to come in their place and then invited people from far and wide to come as well.  Those who were the privileged and intended guests lost out because they were just too busy elsewhere.  Their attitudes stunk!  In the Parable, Jesus lists the three different types of excuses they used and they all revolved around Me! Me! Me!  The bottom line is that in their attitudes of self-preoccupation, they said "no" a sacred invitation from God and therefore lost a sacred opportunity.

What are the secrets of understanding and controlling attitude?  There are several, but one of them is to understand the simple ingredients .  Think of it like a math equation: Desire + Perceived Opportunity = Attitude.  Once you begin to observe and apply this simple formula, you begin to take the steps necessary to actually control your conduct and behavior.

In addition to this equation, what can we do daily to put ourselves in a place in our minds that draws us towards the sacred grace of God and away from the “me” excuses of life?  Check out our Christian Questions broadcast from February 28, 2016, “Does Christianity Need an Attitude Check?” and see just how clearly defined attitude control can be and how you can give your own attitude new altitude!

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