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Ep.908: What Will the World Look Like in the 22nd Century?

Prophetic interpretation of earth’s judgment and beyond

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There's big trouble in the spiritual world. What about the physical world?

Who is there on Judgment Day? Who is in charge?

Does everybody make it through this Day of Judgment?

How broad of a peace will God's kingdom bring on earth?

Theme Scripture: Matthew 6:10

Everybody wants to know what the future will look like.  With all of the myriads of ways we can connect with each other, we certainly are not shy about telling others what we personally think the future will bring.  Depending on the school of thought that you come from, looking ahead 100 years or so might be exciting or devastating.

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So much can go wrong

Will the human race screw up planet earth so badly that it won’t be inhabitable?  Are we causing global warming - or cooling - that will destroy life?  Will we ruin things with careless handling of biological diseases, will robots rise up or will it be zombies or will we just nuke the planet into oblivion?  If the world doesn’t end in the next hundred years by human cause, then what about super volcanoes or asteroids or even gamma rays from the sun?

You get the point - the future can be a scary mystery and your school of thought will dictate that. If the world doesn’t end, then what kind of place will it be?  Will technology rule?  Does humanity ever get along?  Are the world powers of today the same as tomorrow?

Can the Bible give us any comfort and clarity?

So many questions and so little time!  The Bible actually has a lot to say about the future of both humanity and of planet earth.  This is a book  filled with prophecies of the future - the challenge is interpreting and understanding them in the way they were meant to be understood.

Putting together the prophecies

In our March 6, 2016 broadcast titled “What will the World Look Like in the 22nd Century?” we put many Bible prophecies together to establish a timeline of events from our present industrialized era into the future.  What we found was God actually does have a pre-determined plan for the future of humanity and of earth and that plan has been operating in stages.  The present stages (several of these overlap) that we are in are the Christian-spiritual-judgment stage, the pre-really-big-trouble stage and the return-of-favor-to-Israel stageThese are all transition times; the world is dramatically changing on several levels as we speak and God really does have it in hand.

What is to come?  Lots of really good things!  We could tell you here, but you owe it to yourself to check out the broadcast and see for yourself.


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