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Ep.1074: Does God Judge Everyone the Same Way?

The complexity, equity and utility of God’s eternal judgments

Does God Judge Everyone the Same Way?

Theme Scripture: 1 Chronicles 16:32-33


The King James Bible says righteousness and judgment (although this word judgment should more accurately be translated as "righteousness") are the foundation of God’s throne.  This picture language shows us that God does indeed judge everyone, and everything and His judgments are based on that which is right and equitable.  So, how does it work? Does God have a “rubber stamp” approach as He looks at people, governments, institutions and angels that proclaims “Guilty!” or “Innocent!”? Not at all!  On the contrary, God’s approach to and methods for judgment are varied and even complex.  How do we sort all this out?  Who gets judged when, how does it happen and what are they scrutinized for? How do we decipher God’s patterns of judgment so we can appreciate His unbiased conclusions?

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