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Ep.1186: Are We Living in the “End Times”?

Discovering factual evidence of our place in biblical prophecy

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The Bible talks about a time of trouble never before seen. Are we near that time?

What specific and unmistakable signs does the Bible give us to show we are in the End Times?

Is it possible that world-changing blessings occur during the End Times as well?

Theme Scripture: Daniel 12:1

People believe in the Bible to varying degrees. Some of us see it as the unerring word of God while others see it as an account of history, wisdom and standards. Still others see it as sprinkled with both wisdom and folly. Then we have those who see no value in it at all. For the most part, one of the common threads that all who know something about the Bible seem to share is the belief that it speaks of God’s wrath and apocalyptic events. While these are true perceptions of the Bible, they are by no means a complete picture. How can we know what the "End Times” are and when they start? What kinds of things happen during these times? Is there any tangible proof of the End Times that can establish the credibility of Bible prophecy to the skeptic? Where do we start with all of this?

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We live in the End Times

We know this because of prophecies from the Bible. Now, many would say that Bible prophecy can be easily misinterpreted. It does often speak in symbolic terms about some nebulous future time and proclaims some event that is hard to understand. So, we can see where such skepticism comes from.  Yet, we know that Bible prophecy is sound. What if there were some prophecies that were able to be understood because the facts of our day support them? What if these prophecies could be accepted not because they are from the Bible, but because they are obvious and in plain sight?

There are such prophecies!

In the 12th chapter of Daniel, he is prophesying about the End Times.  We all know that according to the Bible, the End Times are a time of significant change. Daniel’s prophecy includes the statement that humanity will be “running to and fro and knowledge will be increased.”

These ideas can be perceived as over-generalized conjecture until we look at the facts. In his book Critical Path, (1982) Buckminster Fuller coined the phrase “Knowledge Doubling Curve.” He reported that worldwide knowledge was thought to have doubled once every century until 1900. By the end of World War II, it was thought to be doubling every 25 years. Now it is thought to double every 13 months! Surely, anyone viewing these facts must admit we live in a unique time of increasing knowledge never before experienced!

As dramatic as this factual confirmation of prophecy is, there is even stronger and more compelling evidence that biblically proves where we are in the stream of time. Check out our July 12, 2021 podcast, “Are We Living in the 'End Times'?" for more. We lay out numerous details of the Daniel 12 prophecy already mentioned. We carefully examine another crystal clear and often-repeated biblical prophecy that points to the present time as well. Ours is a remarkable time in history as we witness Bible prophecy unfolding. Join us and see for yourself what historical specifics we should know about and what current events we should be watching.


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6 replies
  1. Paul B Schulte
    Paul B Schulte says:

    Thanks Rick & David for this wonderful study. So there’s no need to worry because God is in control. Thanks for answering my question!

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write. May the Lord bless your studies! – Christian Questions

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      We appreciate your taking the time to write. It is exciting to see prophecy unfolding around us! – Christian Questions

  2. Paige Hawkins
    Paige Hawkins says:

    There is a difference between Israel and Judah. Read Genesis 48,49, Deuteronomy 33. Ephriam the British Commonwealth, Manasseh the US, Zebulon the Dutch, Issachar the 2-3 countries that are considered the Dutch but speak a different language and use a different currency. Gad the French ect ect… He makes a clear distinction between the two in the Old Testament. Peter also addressed The dispersed before the Roman exile of Judah. The feast of tabernacles when the priest joins the two sticks together is symbolic for the rejoining of Israel and Judah. No more two nations but one. I don’t have room to type all the details but, read it and pray for understanding. Great show right here.


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