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December 11, 2023

Ep.1311: What is the Biblical Process to Become Perfect? (Part III – Israel and Nations)

The perfecting of Israel as a nation and all other nations of the world

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What does the Parable of the Fig Tree and Valley of Dry Bones have to do with God's plan for Israel?

What must Israel do in order to become the nation God will use to bless the world?

What is God's plan for the rest of the nations of the world?

Theme Scripture: Isaiah 11:9

God gave us the ability to understand and appreciate His plan of the ages by revealing that plan within the pages of the Bible. This plan is focused on the necessary steps to bring ALL of His creation - both heavenly and earthly - to an existence that will completely and forever live in harmony with one another under His mighty hand and will. In Parts I and II of this series, we looked at how that shaping and revitalizing to a state of perfection takes place. It began with the Old Testament heroes of faith, continues with the faithful disciples of Christ now, and will come to include an opportunity for each and every human being later. In this episode, we look at the nations of the world, beginning with Israel. What does the Bible tell us about the perfecting process of all these nations? Plenty!

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From early on in biblical history, Israel was THE nation.

They were God’s chosen. But what did that mean? It meant that they were responsible to live to higher standards than everyone else. They were to have God and only God as their Sovereign. They would be blessed if they complied and accountable if they didn’t. Well, we all know what happened. They always suffered consequences for their idolatry and sins and were finally cast off from God’s favor for rejecting Jesus. Ironically, this ultimate show of God’s disfavor of the nation set the stage for their future perfecting.

Back to the land.

God’s promise to Abraham said that the nation born to him through Isaac would eventually bless all the families of the earth. Biblical prophecy plainly shows us where God’s disfavor and their being dissolved as a nation would ultimately lead them. The answer: back to their land. Back to Him. Israel’s perfecting as a favored people is not only in clearly revealed in prophecy, but its steps towards this perfecting are also clearly laid out as well. When we read these prophecies and think about this national journey back to God, it is thrilling. When we realize that the already regathered Israel as a nation in their land is the early stages of this, it's mind-blowing!

The question is, what follows the introductory phases of God’s perfecting of Israel? The answer begins with lots of trouble that will lead to the end of this age of sin and death. The removal of the powers that rule this present evil world will be replaced by the power of God through our glorified Lord Jesus. Prophecy tells us the perfecting of Israel will set the stage for the perfecting of all the other nations of the world as well. How can this be, when the ideologies of the nations are so filled with tension and unrest? Check out our December 11, 2023 podcast, “What is the Biblical Process to Become Perfect? (Part III)" for more. Find out how Israel and the nations of the world will learn to live in peace, harmony and loyalty to God. The biblical answers here are amazing!


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