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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – What is the True Spirit of Christmas?

Christmas is about Jesus and it begins with giving. In a recent podcast we looked at why the Bible gives us so many details about Jesus’ birth. Think of the complexity. Jesus by God’s power was reduced to an embryo. God’s miraculous and supernatural plan was accomplished through humble humans. A major theme of the true spirit of Christmas is expressed here by giving.  Watch this short v/log then listen to the full podcast of the same name for more details.

Who Was that Hero in the Multi-Colored Coat? (Part II)

Several weeks ago we began to tell the story of a hero – not the kind of hero that rises up in courage to do a deed that changes the outcome of an event – rather, the kind of hero who lives his vision for a lifetime and changes the world as a result of his lifetime dedication. This hero is the Joseph of the Old Testament – dreamer, interpreter of dreams, man of wisdom, faith, integrity and mercy. Joseph was a true hero, the kind that appears only once in many generations. What can we learn from him?

Who Was that Hero in the Multi-Colored Coat? (Part I)

Everybody loves a hero…someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty…someone who puts their own interests aside for the greater good…someone who does those things that others can’t or won’t. Usually these heroes are recognized as a result of a particular event or crisis and we laud their contribution. It is a rare thing to see someone who lives a heroic life and displays a heroic heart throughout their lifetime – one who becomes a hero for the ages. On this program we look at such a man to try and learn from the example of his heroic life!