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December 26, 2017

Ep.1001: What Would Jesus Have Said to YOU?

Five conversations with Jesus and the lessons of his birth

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What pattern can we see in who Jesus talked to?

After a sinful woman of outcast people, who does Jesus speak with next?

Who did Jesus go to when he needed rest?

We have come to our final conversation. Who was it with and why was it so important?

Theme Scripture: John 3:17

It is the Christmas season. It is a time for happiness, giving, receiving and appreciating. There was a time not so very long ago when the main focus of the Christmas season was the birth of Jesus as the world’s Savior. We are past that now, thanks to our political correctness, and Jesus is very much an afterthought of the holidays. Well, here today Jesus is NOT an afterthought.  He is NOT a divisive figure who offends people by his mere existence. No, here today Jesus is recognized as the Savior of humanity, the centerpiece of God’s plan and the King of Kings. As we honor the birth and life of Jesus , we will do so by highlighting some personal conversations he had with various people he encountered throughout his 3 1/2-year ministry. In so doing, we will tell a story that is rarely told. Merry Christmas!

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How would the conversation go?

To think about what Jesus would say to you is kind of an odd thing to dwell on. Upon being asked the question, I think the answer most of us would give is to go down the road of “he would tell me that he loves me,” or “he would tell me that his sacrifice was for me and his sacrifice was bigger than my sins.” While I think there is great comfort and merit to these answers, I want to suggest that we look further and think more deeply. What would Jesus say to ME?  Me, the person sitting here reading these words. Me, the person who is living my life with my experiences, my challenges and my tragedies. What would he say to ME?

Jesus talked to all kinds of people

We can begin to find the answer by stopping for a moment and realizing that as Jesus walked the earth he did talk to people....all kinds of people. We typically think of him as talking with his apostles, responding to and challenging the Pharisees and religious leaders of his day and teaching the crowds with parables and miracles. But Jesus also talked to individuals. Many of these conversations were far away from the ears of the people and the rulers. For those whom he spoke to individually and outside of the limelight, his conversations were deeply personal, profoundly perceptive and overflowing with the goodness of the gospel - delivered in a customized and private way. Observe these people and their conversations and the question of what Jesus would say to you will have a whole new meaning.

Check out our December 26, 2017 podcast, “What Would Jesus Have Said to You?” and you will find two inspirational story lines. First, you will be reminded of Jesus’ birth and some of the breathtaking events that surrounded it. After all, that's what the Christmas season used to focus on. Second, you can follow along with us as we focus on five incredibly unique and uplifting conversations that Jesus had. These five conversations were with five totally different types of people with vastly different backgrounds and life experiences. Each conversation is waiting for you to discover how Jesus found their heart and showed them his.


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