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April 01, 2024

Ep.1327: If Jesus’ Resurrection Saved the World, Why Is It Such a Mess?

Tracing how Jesus DID save the world without saving the world

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The Bible describes a narrow way that few find. What does this mean if Jesus took away the sins of the whole world?

What does it mean that Jesus was working on two different levels of redemption and reconciliation?

What are the new earth and heavens? Where will these be?

Theme Scripture: Romans 8:20-21

Let’s begin by stating the obvious: the world is a mess! Now, we all know the world has been a mess for a very long time, so the question is, is this even news? The answer is yes, it is! Our present-day mess has everything to do with the ability to be connected with as many perspectives on and interpretations of truth as we would like. We can now easily and often categorize, judge or ignore anything and everything that doesn't fit into our personal worldview. All of this brings us to a place where we effortlessly define good and evil according to preference and not principle. We believe Jesus died and was resurrected to redeem the world from sin, and yet, we are now so much further from godly principles than ever before. How can we harmonize these seemingly conflicting thoughts?

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It sure doesn't look like things are getting better...

We are currently witnessing continuous decline of Christianity throughout our world. Such a decline can easily lead us to the conclusion that Jesus’ mission to save the world is crumbling before our eyes. Such a conclusion would not only be a mistake, but it would also actually hide the truth. John the Baptist introduced Jesus as “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” Near the end of his ministry, Jesus spoke of his crucifixion and of drawing ALL men to himself. In 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul tells us that ALL die in Adam and ALL will be made alive in Christ. All of this sounds great, but it certainly does not look like it’s happening.

Prophecy foretold the world would degrade.

When Jesus prophesied about his second coming, he explained that the conditions of the world would be severely degraded, as in the days of Noah. When we look at the immoral and evil that existed then, we can certainly see its parallel today. Jesus not only makes this comparison to alert us of coming trouble, but also to assure us he knew things would look hopeless. The flood of Noah’s day fundamentally changed the way the world worked. Jesus was telling us the time of trouble would also do the same thing. However, this trouble would open the door for God’s kingdom as well.

Okay, so far we seem to be just going down the rabbit hole of death and destruction! Where does Jesus "saving the world" come into play? Check out our April 1, 2024 podcast, “If Jesus' Resurrection Saved the World, Why is it Such a Mess?” for answers. We consider the prophecies of trouble and destruction within the context of the whole message of the Bible. Beneath the surface we can see the core reasons Jesus came to earth and gave himself as a ransom sacrifice. We collect the varied puzzle pieces the Old and New Testaments give us. Once assembled, these pieces present a breathtaking picture of just how Jesus DOES save the world. Join us as we document and appreciate these dramatic biblical lessons!


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