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Are Demons Real?

Demons – what are they – who are they? Are they associated with Satan or are they figments of very fertile imaginations, brought to life through very real special effects and computer technology? Demons are real and are the minions of Satan – but when we think of minions, what do we think of? Believe it or not, we have become comfortable with demons being among us, because they are so often portrayed as misunderstood and even likable beings. Are we in trouble? Yes!

Do Angels Protect You?

Angels... We have such varied perceptions of them. Sometimes they are viewed as little cupids, flying around shooting people with their arrows of love. Sometimes we think they are white glowing winged creatures. Sometimes we think they take on human form and intervene in specific and dramatic ways and sometimes we think that they are our companions with whom we can communicate about anything from the majestic to the mundane… So, really, what, who are angels, what do they do and how do they do it? Can we, should we be seeing and talking with them?

Are Angels Influencing Your Life?

Several weeks ago we talked about demons, their sometimes subtle and sometimes blatant influence in our world today and how careful we need to be. What about angels? Does God give us the influence of angels to counteract the darkness that demons bring? Can we find our hope and perspective in the presence and guidance of angels? Are angels in our lives as a tangible benefit to our spirituality?

Are Angels Our Friends?

Several weeks ago we talked about demons and their influence in our world. We looked at how devious they can be as satanic influence infiltrates our media and our lives. Well, what about angels? Where do they fit in this present age? Are there really guardian angels to watch over us? Can or should we try and communicate with angels? Are angels ever at our disposal to help us make decisions and do they sometimes literally talk us through our most traumatic experiences? Stay with us as we look into the Godly world of angels and what the Bible says their role is in our lives.

How Dangerous are Demons?

We live in a world of battles and contradictions. We have political battles, philosophical battles and moral battles. We have battles between nations, peoples and religions. We battle disease, cold and hunger. We battle ourselves. And we battle against evil. We battle against the dark, treacherous and sin-filled paths of evil. And if that isn’t enough, that battle also takes place with powers that we can only imagine, both for good and evil. We will look at the powers of darkness – the powers of evil as expressed through the demons who inhabit our atmosphere.

What About Demons?

Back on January 16th, we did a program about angels and the roles they have played and do play in our world. That discussion led us to the edge of another related topic that we did not get into: demons. Demons are REAL – they have an agenda and have been working that agenda in our world for a long time. Where do demons come from? Are they able to communicate with us? Are we able to communicate with them? What kinds of things do demons do? Is demon possession real? Should we be afraid of them? Stay with us as we look into this very difficult and somewhat scary topic.

What About Angels?

Most people believe in angels and a surprising number of people believe that there are ways for us to communicate with them. Well, what is an angel? If they are real, where do they come from? What business do they have with us? Are all angels “good?” Can we really communicate with them or is that not a good idea? Do angels play a role in protecting us? Can we in any way give instruction or direction? Should we pray to them? Are angels people who have gone to heaven? TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!! Stay with us as we delve into a topic that is not only fascinating, but a bit scary as well...Angels!

What Do We Need to Know About Angels?

Angels.  Are they real?  If they are, what do they do – where do they live?  Can we communicate with them?  SHOULD we communicate with them?  There are many questions surrounding these mysterious beings and we are given some answers in the Bible.  On this podcast we look at the topic of angels and try to determine what we need to know about these mighty beings,  and things we should and should NOT do regarding them.  Angels are important – this topic is important, so stay with us as we try and grasp – “what do we need to know about angels?”