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Ep.895 : Do Angels Protect You?

Biblical perspective on what angels do and do not do

Do Angels Protect You?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 91:11


Angels... We have such varied perceptions of them. Sometimes they are viewed as little cupids, flying around shooting people with their arrows of love. Sometimes we think they are white glowing winged creatures. Sometimes we think they take on human form and intervene in specific and dramatic ways and sometimes we think that they are our companions with whom we can communicate about anything from the majestic to the mundane.  What and who are angels, what do they do and how do they do it? Can we and should we be seeing and talking with them?

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  1. Cool! So we wouldn’t pray to angels…
    But who can we pray to? The Father only? Can we pray to the Son? Some people believe you can pray to the saints. My neighbor says she only prays to Mary because, since she’s the “mother of God,” she is more powerful or has more influence…
    Perhaps this is a subject for another program??

    A very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all!

    1. Usually we pray to God in the name of Jesus, and we were taught to pray to God by Jesus Himself when He gave the example in the Lord’s prayer in Matt. 20. But there is nothing in Scripture to contradict addressing Jesus directly since we are to “honor the Son even as we honor the Father”. However, it would be improper to pray to Mary as she is no more to be so honored than any other of Christ’s followers. Thank you for writing! – Christian Questions


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