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May 20, 2024

Ep.1334: Are Monitoring Spirits Watching Us?

Understanding how demons can and cannot affect Christians' lives

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Do we have to keep quiet about our blessings so evil spirits don't try to sabotage us?

Are evil spirits lurking in our dreams to learn what God has revealed to us?

Is not remembering a dream evidence that an evil spirit has stolen from us?

Theme Scripture: Ephesians 6:12

Our world can be confusing and scary. Sometimes it’s hard to know what is true, and sometimes it’s hard to know who to trust. For Christians, coping with this uncertainty should always come down to God’s word. What principles are we given in Scripture that will shine the sure light of truth on whatever dilemma we perceive to be in our way? Some Christian groups have taken to label much of the rampant darkness of our world as the work of “monitoring spirits.” The suggestion here is that these spirits are firmly connected to Satan, and their work is overwhelmingly focused on spying on and disrupting the lives of Jesus’ followers. As we look into this belief, we will ask the same question we always ask: what scriptural basis is there for these conclusions?

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What exactly is a “monitoring spirit”?

The belief system here is that they are demons who have a high priority objective to spy on Christians. They look to steal thoughts, abundance and spiritually important messages from the unknowing and innocent. This is done by watching our movements, listening to our conversations and intervening in our dreams. They bring all they learn back to Satan for the purpose of undermining and destroying the lives of as many Christians as possible.

Are evil spirits actively stealing your blessings?

We had not been aware of this teaching until it was recently brought to our attention as a question. With honest examination, we can see a basis drawn from some sound scriptural principles. First of all, those who believe in monitoring spirits believe Satan is actively seeking to undermine the lives of Jesus’ true followers. This is a sound and easy-to-prove scriptural concept. We know Satan is called “a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.” The truth of Satan’s objectives should provoke any and every Christian to being alert.

However, just because a teaching by a Christian group has a basis in sound scriptural doctrine does not mean the teaching is sound itself. We need to be very careful here. Satan himself is an expert on using foundations of truth to deceive. Consider his deception of Eve. He rightly said that eating of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil would open their eyes of understanding. In this way, they would be like God. This truth, coupled with the lie of not dying for this sin, was enough to destroy the harmony in the Garden of Eden. We see the monitoring spirits teaching in this same light. Be wary.

Check out our May 20, 2024 podcast, “Are Monitoring Spirits Watching Us?” for more. We listen to the reasoning behind this particular belief system. This includes people believe our dreams can be stolen while we sleep, resulting in brokenness. We then test all of this against clear Scripture. We find overwhelming evidence that helps us see what is right and acceptable in God’s sight regarding these well-publicized teachings. Don’t miss this important and revealing journey!

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