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May 28, 2024

Ep.1335: What Is the Broad Road That Leads to Destruction? (Listener Q&A Series)

Uncovering what role this road to destruction plays in God’s plan

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When did the broad road to destruction begin and who is on it?

What happens to the broad road of destruction and why?

Jesus plainly taught that the vast majority of humanity is traveling on the "broad road that leads to destruction." Further he taught that there is a narrow way that leads to life, which is only found by few. For anyone who truly cares about humanity, this can be a very troubling thought. Why would God, the Creator of all things, set up a plan that's such a losing proposition? Was Jesus really saying there are only a few who will ultimately be saved? If true, then what about all those scriptures that say Jesus died for ALL? If this is not the true understanding, then what does this "broad road to destruction" actually refer to? Fortunately, this can all get sorted out by putting several pieces of biblical reasoning together.

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Clear or misconstrued?

When we read Jesus’ words, we would like to believe they were always clear, understandable and to the point. However, by his own teaching, Jesus informed us differently. He told us he taught in parables. He also told us there were parts of his teaching that simply were not yet ready to be understood. Often times his words have been misconstrued, and as a result, many of his statements have fallen into a category of assumed meaning.

Jesus teaching about the fact that many are on "the broad road to destruction" falls into this category of assumed meaning. As we begin to unfold this saying, it is important to put our easily drawn assumptions aside and focus on what these words really meant. So, where do we start? Let’s begin with the context. Matthew chapter 7 is part of the Sermon on the Mount. A careful examination of this shows us that Jesus is teaching his closest disciples while thousands of others are listening in. The 7th chapter is several short teachings one right after the other, and this two-verse lesson is part of that.

Jesus tells his followers there is a broad road and a narrow road.

He is teaching his disciples they are of the few who are privileged to navigate the narrow road. The basic comparison is that if you become a true follower of Jesus, you are spared from the road to destruction. All well and good, but where did this road to destruction begin and where does it lead?

The answer here is actually simple. All we need to do is determine when and where this road began. Check out our May 28, 2024 podcast, “What is the Broad Road That Leads to Destruction?” for details. We put this all in the context of the first part of Romans 6:23, “For as in Adam all die…”. We trace how and why this broad road to destruction is linked to this simple statement about Adam and build the case from there. What we find is surprising, as this road to destruction becomes clearly defined as a definitive part of God’s master plan for reconciliation. Don’t miss this!


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