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Ep.896: How is Jesus “The Life”? (Part III)

Defining what living in Jesus means daily

How is Jesus “The Life”? (Part III)

Theme Scripture: John 14:6


So, what do you think of when you hear the statement, "Ah, this is the life!" Ease, fortune and comfort? Well, Jesus said He is “The Life” – so what does that mean and does that statement still develop the same picture in your head? Probably not. Okay, how is Jesus “The Life” and how should that affect our daily experiences?

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  1. Jesus being the life means to me. I will be in this world and not of it. The life Jesus speaks of is an everlasting life with the heaven Father. I keep all my thoughts to that which is of heaven. I am lead by the spirit where I will build my treasures in heaven,and not on earth. I do not support the wicked and evil ways of the viewpoints of this earth. My conversations shall be of edifying and building up others for the things to come


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