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March 11, 2019

Ep.1064: Is He Who Hesitates Really Lost? The Story of Lot

Learning the importance of having faith AND conviction

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What could possibly go wrong when you hang out with Abraham?

Could Lot keep his guests safe from the men of Sodom?

Lot saw the miracle of protection yet still hesitated. Why?

Lot escapes, but does he ever get to the mountains?

Theme Scripture: 2 Peter 2:7

Life is overflowing with opportunities, and I'm not talking about the big things that change your world.  I'm talking about the small and often-overlooked chances in your everyday to refocus on the good, or to simply be kind or to elevate a conversation rather than diminish it.  Many of our life experiences come from small decisions that are actually a result of indecision.  In the Old Testament, there lived a man named Lot whose life was an example of this.  Lot had faith in God and God protected him.  In spite of this, his life experiences produced much sadness, folly and cause for regret.  How did he get to such an end?  He hesitated.  He hesitated when it came to godly choices and he constantly did “almost” enough when it came to godly actions!

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Life’s biggest problems really can begin with some of its simplest choices.  When Lot and his Uncle Abraham were deciding where each would settle with their families, households and flocks, Abraham gave Lot first dibs. Lot made the obvious choice of the fertile valley for the benefit of his family and flock,s but he also made a much more subtle yet life-changing choice.  While the valley would be a productive place in which to thrive, Lot for some reason was drawn to set up his tents right by the city of Sodom.

This city was a known center of evil, and yet Lot not only settled in right by it, he eventually moved his home into the city itself.  Okay, so where is the hesitation we started talking about?  Up to this point Lot did not seem to hesitate when it came to moving his family right into the lap of evil.  Sadly, all of his second guessing began when it became evident that his home and city were destined for destruction. It was in this life and death context we see how the true challenges of Lot’s choices came to the front and how they end up costing him dearly.

Lot’s choices, in many ways, can represent you and me as Christians.  Do we sometimes get careless when it comes to managing our interactions with the world around us?  Do we maybe get too curious about evil and let it creep in closer than it should?  Do we ever have clear and bold direction as to what direction our lives should go to stay safe within the reach of God and then compromise that direction?  Lot did.  While his life does show us faith, righteousness and God’s care, it also shows us double mindedness, desperation and a measure of depravity.

Check out our March 11, 2019 podcast, “Is He Who Hesitates Really Lost?” to hear the story of Lot and what it can reveal about us.  Lot, like us, was a faulty and imperfect human who fell prey to his own devices and decisions and ended up rescued in spite of himself.  Take this story to heart and learn what NOT to do!


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2 replies
  1. John Hames
    John Hames says:

    You know today we seem to talk about how ungodly Lot was. But since I wasn’t there, I have to go on what the Bible says. And it says lot was a righteous man, I don’t know, crazy but that says it all.

    7and if he rescued righteous Lot, greatly distressed by the sensual conduct of the wicked 8(for as that righteous man lived among them day after day, he was tormenting his righteous soul over their lawless deeds that he saw and heard);

    • Christian Questions
      Christian Questions says:

      Yes! We agree and discuss that in the podcast. He was righteous yet put himself in spiritual harm several times. Hope you can listen to this podcast – lots of great lessons for us. – Christian Questions


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