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VIDEO: Moments that Matter – How Do I Live a Life of Repentance?

True repentance is one of the single most powerful decisions we can make. It’s all about reversal. It takes the pause that regret gives us and transforms it into a full fledged stop and consider moment.  This moment now becomes the catalyst for a reversal of direction which takes the well being of the wronged individual and makes it our priority.   Watch this short vlog then listen to the full podcast of the same name for more details.

Should I be Committed? (Part II)

Two weeks ago, on New Year’s morning, we did the first part of this program and laid out the importance of getting our thoughts and attitudes right in order to be able to execute the kind of changes we want to have stick in our lives. Thoughts and attitudes – they are the internal part of the equation. The second part – the external part - are our words and actions which not only hold a direct link to thoughts and attitudes, but they are also the barometer by which we are judged by those around us. Stay with us as we look into the life-altering power of words and the world-shaking power of actions!

Should I be Committed? (Part I)

(Part 1 of a 2-part series) Happy New Year! Another year in the books – for some of us, we may look back and think “I’m glad that’s over!” For others we may look back and think, “I’m glad that happened!” For all of us, I hope we look forward with hope and anticipation for God’s will and blessing in this new year. As we begin 2012, let’s take some time and talk about what it takes to make the kind of changes in our lives that will actually be meaningful and hopefully permanent steps forward towards a more effective life as a child of God.