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Ep.1026: Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?

Life management tools for coping with the varied misdeeds of life

Are Some Sins Worse Than Others?

Theme Scripture: Psalms 19:12-13


Let’s start by stating the obvious. Sin is bad. To act in accordance with sin is to act in a way that is not only contrary to the will of God but is also damaging to our standing before God. It is obvious that if we want to be pleasing to God then we need to really focus on managing our misdeeds. So, how do we do that? Are some transgressions worse than others? Can we find solace in the thought that “at least my sins are not as bad as that guy over there!” What do we need to do to reign in our misdoings and to continually clarify our conscience? Should we be focusing on totally avoiding what we think are really big sins or on avoiding all of the little trespasses that never seem to quit?

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Sin can be like a dessert buffet line

As you pass by you can’t help but notice the variety and the aromas, and it makes you just want to indulge...all the while knowing you just need to keep on walking. In Psalms 19:12-13 David asks God for cleansing from 'hidden faults" and resistance to "arrogant sins." This helps us begin to understand just how sin works. It comes at us from two very different directions.

Let’s start with the sins of arrogance, which are outward sins.  Often they are committed in the context of the worldliness that surrounds us and may go unnoticed by our peers, as they are expected worldly behavior.  Just because people may not take note doesn't mean they lose their arrogance, for all sin is ultimately committed against God and He always notices.

Next, there are the internal sins of the mind

These are the quiet sins that take place inside our heads and our hearts.  Many of these transgressions may never be seen by others, but that makes them no less insidious. As long as we give them a place to grow and flourish, we are not in accordance with godliness and will ultimately have to deal with them. Let’s face it, we trespass against God when we continually trespass against others or ourselves. Such activity - be it internal thought or external action - needs swift and corrective attention.

On top of the internal and external approaches sin gets us with, there are many ways by which we actually express sin. In other words, the further we look the worse it gets. So, what do we do? In the Psalm we referred to earlier, David taught us to refocus our thinking in several ways.  How do you do that? Check out our June 18, 2018 podcast, “Are Some Sins Worse than Others?” to help put this all together. We talk about the pitfalls of daily life, practical ways to avoid or deal with them as well as the role of forgiveness in this whole matter. Also, we talk about what may be the worst sin of all.  You might be surprised by what it is!

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